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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Just got Keith a card and thought I should share. I couldnt find any that were up to my liking, so I found one, that was perfect tina. it says "some cheesy poetry for you. i love you here. i love you there, i love you anywhere, but especially without underwear". Yes, this sounded too much like me, so I got it. Gave mom a good laugh as well. *G*

And I found out we get professional pictures done while there. *goes into a mad crazy screaming fit* IM SO EXCITED!!!! Now everyone WILL get photos for Xmas. Im buying a huge package, so Keith and I will finally have professional photos done. His fingers better not be swollen that day b/c believe me, he will be wearing his wedding ring!! Im such a picture junkie. AND I have my 2 cameras. So I am ready to go. We took some baby shower pics too, both on my film and Carries digital, so they should get up when I get back. I'm going to have a ton of pics to get framed and what not when I get back. Gotta compete with my mom's wall'o'shame.

Speaking of pics and shame, I saw a nekkid picture of Keith with chicken pox, butt all stickin out. So yes, I have something else to tease him about. Not that I needed any help. *EG*


that is so cool that you get to have professional pictures done!!
don't you love seeing embarrassing pictures of your guy? brad's grandma has an entire album filled with naked baby and little kid pictures... it's SO much fun to look at them and then pick on brad about it...
I bought that exact same card for Sean a few weeks back! hehe.

When Sean's younger brother died, I was at his house as much as I could be, and I got to meet all his family. One night, everyone was looking through all these old pictures from when him and his brothers were little, and everyone was like, "Oh! Dyanna! You have to see this picture!" His one grandma was so excited to show me a picture of him in a speedo from when he was like 8 years old. What amused me most was that his grandma kept asking me to look at these pictures and tell her which of the 3 boys it was, because she couldn't tell, but I knew every time! hehehe.