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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so after a week of not talking to keith, he signs on this morning. Would have been good if I wouldn't have been SLEEPING!! I missed him by 10 minutes. Who knows when he's going to get on again. =( He said he did get his package, so it takes 2 weeks to get packages there. That answers that question. lol

Still no license yet. This is making me irritated. I don't like this not being able to drive anywhere thing. I should be used to it, but Im not. I don't NEED to go anywhere, just to the bank to deposit some checks. Well, maybe I will get it today along with the package from Keith. =)

Hope everyone is having a good day. I think Im going to crawl into bed for a nap and order pizza later. =D


You know I was thinking. Quick run that is dangerous! LOL

Why can't you drive using the expired license thingy? It shows you went and had the test and all right? I mean if you had failed the test you obviously would not have it. If you got pulled over show that to the officer and tell him/her that you are waiting on your actual license to come in the mail and that due to a mail mistake it is taking longer than expected. Not to mention he/she can call in and verify that you do in fact have a license. Worse case worse you get a ticket appear in court and show your valid license which you should have by the time of the court date. Oh and call the damn DMV and check to see that the morons mailed the damn thing!
Found your journal while doing research to find LJers who are in Iraq. You'd be surprised how many soldiers are updating their journals over there. I'm actually looking at making an LJ community for everyone over there right now. When I do, would you like to be invited to the community, or maybe extend an invite to Keith?

Hope he comes home soon and that all this will mean something someday.