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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Just got done watching the Princess Bride. Now come on, who doesnt like the Princess Bride? Makes me miss my best friend in Utah. He looks just like Westley (not to mention that's indirectly the namesake for my son's middle name... the Westley, not Russ).

Just got my license today. YAY! Which means Im running errands tomorrow. Lovely. What is weird to me is I look HOT in my license. I know that sounds concieted, but don't usually license photos look horrid? Not this one of me. It's weird. I look really good in it. Although I miss the long hair and I have no idea what lipstick/lipgloss I am wearing. I think I know, but it's clear so that makes no sense. Either way, I actually look pretty good in the pic. Nice enough to scan and show off, IF I had a scanner (yeah I still need to get my glamour shots scanned too. Eventually. lol). Now Im just getting over to the Papa John's site to order pizza and probably curl up on the couch for some Must See TV tonight. =D


We all know your a conceited wench. That's part of why we love you so much! Glad you finally got your license!
w00t for the license!!! ;) Glad you gots it finally, and why arent you answering me on yahoo biatch?!? hehe. Oh yes, and latest post with the link to that new MAC shit? UMMM OMG!!!!! AWESOME shite! FYI, dropped your lipglass in the driveway, gots it here.