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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I wanna go to EUROPE yay!!!

I had a rough night last night so I called Beth to come over and see me for an hour or so. Instead, we went and got some Tequila Rose and diet coke and I spent the night over at her house. Once we started drinking, Beth felt sick, but I got pretty drunk. lol. Had some good conversations with her and her mom though. We were supposed to go to some yard sales this morning, but i was dead to the world yet again. Guess her kids were poking me and blasting TV and I wouldnt even move. Not like how I used to be, flying out of bed at a noise, lol. I am so tired today though. Im thinking early bedtime for both Eli and me tonight.

I also got some good news as well. Keith and I have been invited to go to Europe next year with my parents. We just have to buy our plane tickets, passports and of course our own spending money. The parents are looking into renting a house for a week on one coast and another on the other coast. They're going to rent a car so we can travel around and we'll just eat at the house. Shoot, I will eat PB&J if it means I can go to Europe! I just have to talk to Keith about it to see if he's interested, which I am sure he will be and save up 2000 in the next 13 months, if not more. We wanted to go on a vacation, this was about the cost we were looking at, so Im very excited. Even though Im a bit mad at how expensive passports are!!! lol


Europe...that's awesome! :)
Ooh, Europe...

I love to travel. The last place I went was Greece, with a 9 hour stopover in London. I'd like to go back for a longer stay in London, another trip to Greece (it was that awesome), and I'd like to go to Scotland and Ireland.