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I feel like such a bum today, lol. I should go to the grocery store but I keep finding things in the cabinet to cook so I don't have to. lol. I have plans for the whole weekend. I figure I will go tomorrow after I am done with the gathering. I will have to deal with the weekend commisary traffic but not the payday traffic since we get paid on Thursday. The gathering should be good tomorrow. I won't get to see Heather, since she's starting a new job.. (YAY!!! No more stupid telemarketin!! lol.) But we're going to spend Sunday in Dallas... IM GOING TO A MAC COUNTER!! AHHH!! You dont understand how excited this makes me. It's a good thing I am smart about my money. I would be so tempted to spend way too much! lol. Going to get some coffee with a good friend as well which I am looking forward to. Mike and Mel, I would like to see you guys too if possible =)

I don't know what is with Eli today. He's grouchy, like really grouchy. He's usually very good. He has been refusing to eat lately. I tried to feed him lunch and he kept throwing it at the dog. But now that I sat down to eat, he of course wants what I have. Which he would if he would have eaten his lunch. I don't know what his issue is. He's currently crying like I did the worst thing in the world to him, lol. Poor bebe. Maybe he's getting sick.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Doesnt look like I am. lol
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