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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

so I had an excellent day today... much thanks to sugarcherrybabe, dgtlghost, jesshobbs, drvnstar, and erikdravn, and the illustrious MAC and Sephora stores. I practiced self control though. I actually REALLY liked Dallas. Everything I saw was so pretty. I will write more about our day tomorrow though.

I also found out I have like insane spyware on my computer, thanks to someone who showed me a site that created buddyicons. Yeah, not so now. And my regular progs wont get rid of it. Does anyone know of a good spy-ware remover that is free? Im getting mad at this stupid computer. 3 months and this. lol


awww, i'm glad you had a good day yesterday, but i missed you!!!!!!!!
I didnt miss you. Oh jeez, that is such a lie. I went to get youreyeshadow but that was an ordeal in itself. =) We did miss cho ass.
spybot search and destroy works pretty good, i know we got it for free, but i don't know if it's free. it didn't get all of my spyware and i ended up reformatting, but i hope it works for you :)
I use Ad-aware. I think it works really well.
erikdravn, and I second and third that. :)
Used it, isnt working... But I think I got it. If anyone sees my buddy message saying something wierd, let me know. =)
A combination of Ad-aware and spybot s&d seems to keep my parents' computer working. And they're about as inept online as it gets.