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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Hey kiddies

took eli to WIC this morning. The shrimpie is weighing in at 21.2 lbs and is 30in. Didnt even cry when they checked his iron. Hey, he's still small but he's beefing up. He's always going to be short. lol. He at least looks like a toddler rather than a baby now. Which makes sense since he is destroying my house.

Also went to see the Beth this morning. Played her kiddies in some PS2 game. Her husband stomped me. But I did fairly well for a first time. So there. And if anyone has any ideas for a gift for a 8yr old, let me know. I have no idea. lol

And now Im heading to Denton until Saturday night. gotta get out of this house. I gots the cabin fever. Hope everyone is well. =)

And another question. Where did May go? I can't believe it's already June.


thats what happens when you stay busy love, time flies by. Anyway, in case you check this while you up there in Denton, i am OK, sorry it's been almost three days, but the schedule got really, "loaded" after my transition. But i am OK, a little tired but lucky for me, this change also allows me to sleep till whenever i feel like getting up the mornings after i have missions and patrols. So i am rested, just miss you bunches. Hope to talk to you soon, have fun while you are visiting!!!!!
Juuust thought I'd tell you that I took Riley to the er the other day (he's fine, its allergies). They weighed him. 22.8lbs. hee hee. He'll be 10 months old on the 8th. ;) My pimp will kick you pimps ass. lol!!! I miss you!!