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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

For those of you following the craptastic weather we're having I just wanted to make an update and say Im okay. I still feel retarded for driving in the mess we had the other night, but Im here and Im fine. Just wanted to laugh about my experiance.

I left Killeen and all was well. Some lightening but nothing bad. By the time I got to Hilsboro (about an hour and a half.. what I call my "half way point") we stopped for McDonalds to get Eli a snack. Everything was still fine. We got right outside of Ft Worth and it was like an ocean had decided to fill up the dang freeway. I was stuck in a flash flood. I could hardly see to get off the road into a gas station where I could wait out the storm. I think I saw quarter sized hail while I was waiting it out. It was all in all pretty nasty, but I really wish I could have enjoyed it rather than wondering if I was going to get to Denton in one piece, lol. Finally, we left and headed through Ft Worth. It was a ghost town. I was wondering when I was going to finally get there since I couldnt even see the lights on the horizon when I figured out I was there! The power was out everywhere. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful thankfully. But I'm going to try and pay attention to the weather when I leave. I really dont want to get stuck in that mess again.

I think I have an idea for PT's gift on Sunday. A slip n' slide. Perfect enough to make Beth hate me and give her an excuse to sit out and tan. Just a thought. Whatcha think Beff?

Just sitting here wasting time until Jess gets out of class at noon. Then we're meeting Tom for lunch and then going to the grocery store. Im buying a dang coffee pot. We must have coffee the tina says.

Facinating. I know. =)


oiiii, yes!!!! Slip-n-slide is an awesome idea! Good thinking mah girl.

Glad your safe. Weather channel. haha.
I'm glad the tinafury is safe too!
Booooooooooooooooooo for your and Keefus' craptastic weather!

*booooo* *hisssss*