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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Ya know, there's a lot of things I can find good about living on an Army post.

One of them is NOT war games. You try falling asleep with bombs going off in your "backyard". Lovely, looks like I'm not getting much sleep tonight.



Not to laugh at your situation, but it was the same way at Ft. Knox with the tank training trails, all hours of the day and night they were firing their main guns. I was in the Wal Mart right off post one day and they were literally rattling merchandise off the shelves. 3 in the morning and they were rattling me out of bed, it was cool the first time I heard it, after that it just got old, especially on sleep-late Sunday mornings.
Yeah,I know what you mean. when I lived in Kentucky, I lived real close to a munitions depo. Every month or so they would destroy about 10,000 or so shells... not very nice thing to wake up to heh.
((HUGS)) xoxox <3
I'm soooo glad that they only have one massive war game here a year! lol, guess Keith shoulda went air force!!! ;) Every once in awhile we'll get an extra bomb here and there, but nothing major. :) Hee hee. It was nice and quiet here last night. Had the nightmares not woken me up, it would have been a great sleep!
hehehe .... poor wee lil lass .... While they aren't in our backyard the shit is still pretty loud at times ....

wuv ya
Ahhhh, I remember the days....and don't miss them one bit!

Just remember, they can't train forever. It'll stop eventually. :)