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So a quick update since my lj is looking bleak with my hiatus.

My son is insane. He climbs the couches, the stairs, the baby gate. It's impossible to do anything with him now. He's a terror and I love him. He's getting so much fun keeping him from destroying my house.

Keith is coming home in 7-8 days now. A week from tomorrow he leaves Iraq. Im going crazy, really. Living alone for 7 months to have him come home for 2 weeks. Even *if* it is only 2 weeks, it's still something. Then he goes back for about 4 months. I can't believe we've almost made it this whole deployment. What a waste of a year.

I've recently become obsessed with Michael Buble. I really love swing/big band music. It's slowly filling up my harddrive.

and yes, after a month, I still have nothing interesting to say. I am still reading and commenting through this lj, but not posting as much. =)
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