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Names, names, and more names!
What's your name?:Tina Justine Lynne Wagar
Do you know if your name means anything? If so, what?:well, justine means justice. my dad thought it was pretty when he saw it in a baby book (my name WAS Aaron Michael). Tina was because I was so tiny when I was born.
Would you change your name, if given the chance? If so, to what?:Nah. My name can be frilly (Justine) or short (Tina). I got a good deal on my name. Never had an issue.
Do people ever mispronounce or mispell your name?:YES. Everyone says "Justin waaaaag-ner". I've lived my whole life called Justin.
Have you ever made up a memory trick for your name? Like, "Alex is Alexis".:Hey buddy.. you see that E? Pronounce it!
What's your nickname?:THE tina, Pryncess, Super T- shortened to T (those are the top 3)
Did you make it up, or did everyone just start calling you it?:Nope. People just started calling me that. Most of my family calls me T
Do you like it?:Yep.
Does it mean anything?:well, Keith calls me Pryncess. The rest are just forms of my names.
What do you think the prettiest girls name is?:Actually, I really like Justine
The prettiest boys name?:Westley (eli's middle name)
What do you think the ugliest name is?:Eugene (Keith's middle name! lol)
Are simple, common names better than beautiful, long, foreign names?:No way man.
Do names like "Squibibibile" and "Lala" and "Cokie" annoy you?:yes.
Is your name really common?:Tina is semi-common. I've only known a handful of people with Justine
Have you ever met anyone else with your name?:Yes. Once.
Have you met anyone else with your initials?:Yep!
Do your names fit you?:Yes.
Have you ever wondered what your parents were on when they named you?:No, they told me what they were thinking.
Were they actually on anything? XD:Uh, I don't *think* so. Hopefully not.
Do you enjoy naming things?:Yes
Does your computer have a name? If so, what? Did you name it?:Pimpin' puter. Just because I started saying this is my "pimpin puter" and it stuck.
Have you ever named something as stupid as a Yogurt?:I'm sure.
Do you name all your stuffed animals?:yep
Have you ever whacked someone for spelling something of your's name wrong?:No. It happens a lot.
Do you tend to give everyone nicknames?:Yes.
Do people know they're your friend once you've given them a nickname?:Yep. Ask me, I bet you have one.

Let's Talk About Names... brought to you by BZOINK!
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