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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

first off, let me say I hate updating from a web-browser. At home I always use Semagic. I'm spoiled, you know this. =)

I am obviously not at home. I talked to Keith yesterday afternoon. After some discussion, he and I decided the best plan (instead of going to Austin at 5PM) would be for me to pick him up at DFW tomorrow morning around 11AM. So I drove to Denton considering Jess and Tom live like 30 min away from DFW. So now ya know. =)

In about 16 hours the Man will be home. And I will be making phone calls to let everyone know he and I are safe once we get home.

And now Im off to go watch crappy TV for an hour and then Nip/Tuck. Hope everyone is doin as well as I am =)


YAY for the man coming home! I'll bet you are just too anxious to do much of anything. I know I was. Have a GREAT time together.... Oh yeah one other thing. It wouldn't let me add your other LJ on my list when you told me to add you. email me the name again... maybe i am putting it in wrong? again though, have a great time with the hubby!!! I know it's been long awaited!
crappy TV and then Nip/Tuck? i think Nip/Tuck falls under the same category. anyways, tell Keith hello for me.
I shall smacketh you around for that comment. And I think I will next time I see you. Snot-face. *me looking like Im angry... or something*

Crappy TV wasn't so crappy. It was I love the 80s Strikes Back.. again. Nip/Tuck was a rerun so I didn't watch it. :)
Here, here. I agree fully.
Quiet you. Don't encourage the Manda
Yay! Sorry I have not called or anything but I can barely talk. This damn cold is kicking my ass. Kira is coming down with it now. =(

Give Keith an extra hug for me! I'm so happy you guys are getting some time together no matter how short it is.