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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

ew I feel like poop. my throat is killing me. it hurts to swallow, even though I have to. ew ew ew.

Just got off the phone with Keith 10 min ago. He said he has done more push-ups in the past 24 hours than the first 3 weeks at basic. They told him that they want all the medics to qualify with 300 pushups before they graduate. Good god!! Although Im not complaining. The muscles he has now are very lovely. Heehee. He told me he gets his hour of personal time every night, and no limit on phone time. So he's going to be calling me every night, but he still wants letters! Not that I have that much interesting to tell him. He told me he had to rubber-band all my letters together since there were so many of them while he was in basic. Not that writing costs that much. I think I only paid about 10 a month to write. But anyways, he gets to call me everynight and inform me of his day. We start counting weeks on Tuesday. I swear I need to get a webpage just to have countdowns to his grad, to the end of his training, for the baby and for Xmas. He says he will be able to fly home from Dec 20 to Jan 4. He's going to ask his DS when they get their briefings if he will be able to get some extra time off for Elijah being born. I think they will understand. And of course, it never hurts to ask.

Well, Im going to get some rest and try and kick this cold. I do not like being sick.


I sure hope you kick the cold. It sure does suck being sick when your pregnant and being limited on what you can and can't take. Just a thought but have you thought of writing a letter a day and then at the end of the week mail them off? I did this for my hubby while he was in Pakistan. I would write him a letter everyday and on Monday would mail them off. I always mailed them priority mail and the most I ever paid was maybe $3.00. Of course I cut down on how much by typing my letters out and printing them. The least pages he had was I think 20. Anyways, it was just a thought. I know Mike looked forward to his weekly batch of letters. :o)
about getting tim off for your baby to be born....

you might need some written documentation from your doctor about your childs expected arrival date. Your husband would have to take EMERGENCY LEAVE and fly home to see you...smetimes they let them go for the entire week sometimes not...if he leaves duringg the middle of a his training there is a high possibility that they will recycle him into the next class and he wil lget pushed back. He might need to talk to his DS prior to his briefings about getting Emergency Leave.

That is just in my experience of AIT and working with AIT soldiers in a STAFF position.
luckily I am due on NewYears, and everyone thinks I am going to deliver early. So we should be okay. Keith just obviously wants the extra time to spend with his new family. And I told him not to freak out over it too badly if he can't. There will be more children :) My FIL who is retired AF said more than likely they will ship him out at the beginning of the rotation and cycle him back in, but all of this is tenative.

Thanks for your help! :)