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Simple ways to make your mornings better: set your coffee pot to make coffee for whenever you get out of bed.  Awesome.

Today, I hung out with the Beth.  For some reason we always want to go out, but always manage to forget the 3 of our kidlets are hellions.  Im telling you, we should sell them: buy two, get one free.  I went to their "meet the teacher's" night at their school tonight.  Im on their emergency list. So that means I am on there to pick them up if needed.  JOY!  (just kiddin beth, lol).  Then we went to the Px.  Ransacked the clearance makeup bin.  I get some of the coolest makeup for next to nothing there.  Then off to Bennigan's (what you think we have imagination?  you're crazy.  Bennigan's is teh awesoem.)  We did have some very interesting people sitting by us.  I personally feel like there is NO excuse to take your child in public in nothing but a diaper.  But hey, that's just me.

El Gand Am is acting up.  I think I have a belt loose.  It's making some funky noises.  Keith was supposed to deal with that, but never got around to it.  Today, the "low coolant" light came on every few minutes for about 5 seconds and then went off.  Like I know what that means.  Luckily, Beth and I found the manual.  So I read up on stuff about the car. I may see what I can learn on my own.  It seems like the coolant won't be too tough.  I think Beth and I could fix it on our own.  Just have to go to AutoZone.  I seriously am ashamed of my knowledge of cars.  It's non-exsistant.  It's time to learn.  Thats what endless time on the internet is for, right?  If its too much or too dirty, I will take it to the shop.  I just know how this town is and I don't want to get screwed over.  BUT in good news, I just bought my AAA program for the year.  So no more worrying about me driving to Denton.  I am good to go!  Not to mention this will cover my sister on the "Roadtrip from Hell '04" next weekend.  Which I am pretending to dread, lol.

If I can convince Beth, tomorrow we're going back to the PX to get made over by Rimmel.  I figure, it's a free makeover and cheap makeup.  We've been pretty impressed with the random crap we have gotten from that brand.  And makeup is my love. =)

No word from keith yet, soon though.
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