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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I went and hung out with my friend Travis, who I have known forever yesterday. When all the drama went down in June, he was there for me big time. He kept a bunch of Keith's and my sentimental things, until I could be back to get them. I picked them up yesterday and mom and I shipped them. We only mailed 4 boxes, since one of them had dishes and they wouldnt send it, so mom is going to send them out USPS tomorrow. As happy as I am to get it sent out, it cost me a freaking 80 bucks!!! I couldnt believe it. It's mostly baby stuff, so that's a good reason to get it out there, but eighty bucks? Yeah dad, UPS was a good idea. And they are so dumb there. Freaking retards.

Mom just went through some old things of Keith's biological father. It is so weird how they look so much alike and how their writing is so much the same. Down to the signatures. It is possible to be living in the shadow of a ghost and not know it. How you can be an exact copy of someone you have no memory of. Mom says it is genetics and I have to agree with her.

Still sick. TMI for ya: I was hacking shit up earlier and it was not pretty. My throat is killing. So I got some sore-throat lollypops for kids that dont like cough drops, if kids can take them, they're okay for the baby. All I can take is tylonel, and that sucks. I still need to learn to spell tylonel. Maybe one day. :)



well, it should be spelled tylonel. i think it looks better *G*

Thank you!