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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I just got a call from my doctors assistant. My glucose test came back high. So now I have to go in on Tuesday fasting, get my blood drawn, drink the drink again, get more blood drawn, get some food, then get my blood drawn again.

Im scared. I dont know what this means. I dont know much about diabetes and I really dont want to use insulin. Maybe it means nothing, maybe I am getting worked up over nothing. But I cant be so sure.

I just know I dont want to be the human pin cushion. If you want to help me out with this, like if you know anyting about it gddss89 I know you do.. please IM me NINpryncessNIN


Some women do get a mild form of diabetes when they're pregnant, and it goes away after giving birth.

You'll be okay!


I know... I read somehting about that. Im just extremely parinoid. lol. not used to having anything wrong with me, except the manic depression. Ive always been the healthy one. lol
Better to be concerned about it than not. It's a sign of a good mother.
Sorry I wasn't on earlier, been sleeping alot.

I wouldn't worry too much, hun. Gestational diabetes is common. They may just give you oral medication such as I'm on. You will probably have to watch your sugar levels though(mainly to see if they need to adjust meds). I am bad at it, but with the newer monitors out there it's relatively easy. Those are just tiny pricks you have to make to draw blood for the test strip and the monitor gives you an automatic reading. Really easy to do.

I guess I'm lucky, I haven't had to do the drink test yet. They're going by regular fasting glucose levels for me. For now, I am just Glucose Intolerant, but I am on the verge of Diabetes Type II.

My mother was a Diabetic Type I and insulin dependant when she was pregnant. She got lucky and didn't have to have much insulin because us kids made it for her. Probably why I was doomed to get it later in life...LOL!

*HUGS* and watch your mailbox. *sheepish smile*