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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the pain in my ass and love of my life. that's what he is.

due to overcrowding, they have extended his stay by 2 weeks. he wont start class for another 2 weeks. yes, this sucks, but what can ya do? so now he has 2 weeks to completely waste and do nothing with. wish they would send him HERE for 2 weeks. But he gets unlimited phone time, and could sleep all day if he so wished. And now I have an address to send him stuff all the time. Isnt that nice. :)

He's supposed to call me back sometime tonight, since while on the phone with him, my mom called twice, dad once, neighbor came over and her dog got into a fight with our dogs, and the dog barked the whole damn time. I swear, my life. lol


Well 2 weeks is better than 4 months! Last year my hubby went to NM and was only supposed to be gone for 2 months. He ended up being gone for 6 cause the instructors went on strike and his unit back in NC said they had no need for him so he could stay out there! I WAS PISSED! So for 4 months my hubby played golf and goofed off. Meanwhile I moved by myself from NC here to GA with 3 kids! And that trip was pure hell. I'll spare ya the details. :o) So hang in there and enjoy all the free phone time!


yeah I cant complain about hearing from him a few times a day. Sure makes up for the no calls for weeks in BCT. :)
Try one 15 minute phone call a week for 3 months. And a few sporadic e-mails. That was my life when Mike was in Pakistan. :o( Oh and I had to divide those 15 minutes between myself and my 3 kids!