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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I was informed yesterday that I can no longer not post one day b/c I dont feel like it. Everyone may think I went into labor or something... hahahah.

Im going to ask Keith to ask his DS if he can take leave while he has these 2 weeks off. I had 2 dreams about this. (pregnancy leads to weird dreams, lemme tell ya). The first one, I was telling him on the phone what to say and why etc. and he said no. I told him that it's better to know the answer than to wonder. And he said Exactly. Weird. The second one, I was with him to ask (dont know how) and the DS gave him complete leave. Now that would be nice. I wonder if my doc would sign something that says Im having complications or something. Hahahah, not very likely.

As soon as I get my voice back, I need to call about birthing classes and my pregnancy massage. I cant wait for this sickness to be over, as I am sure neither do you to stop my whining!!)

My mom got me creme soda and creme savers for my sickness. My mommy loves me! *G*


*I was informed yesterday that I can no longer not post one day b/c I dont feel like it. *

Now who would say such a thing? LOL

Hope you get that voice back soon and get to feeling better. Being sick and pregnant truly sucks! Hopefully Keith can take leave and not be forced to spend the 2 weeks stuck there when he could be with you instead.


*crosses fingers* That would be a miracle. I would love for him to at least be around for SOME of the pregnancy. The fun parts at least. He left about half way through my second trimester, so he never got to feel kicking or anything. Let's all hope. :)
yeah...when you do go into labor can you just get online and tell us. ROFL. I am just kidding..but I know yeahokay had her baby and i am just waiting for the freakin post!!! lol. k. enough of my ramblings. I am sooo bored.
I'm crossing my fingers for ya and saying an extra prayer! :o)