I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

I was informed yesterday that I can no longer not post one day b/c I dont feel like it. Everyone may think I went into labor or something... hahahah.

Im going to ask Keith to ask his DS if he can take leave while he has these 2 weeks off. I had 2 dreams about this. (pregnancy leads to weird dreams, lemme tell ya). The first one, I was telling him on the phone what to say and why etc. and he said no. I told him that it's better to know the answer than to wonder. And he said Exactly. Weird. The second one, I was with him to ask (dont know how) and the DS gave him complete leave. Now that would be nice. I wonder if my doc would sign something that says Im having complications or something. Hahahah, not very likely.

As soon as I get my voice back, I need to call about birthing classes and my pregnancy massage. I cant wait for this sickness to be over, as I am sure neither do you to stop my whining!!)

My mom got me creme soda and creme savers for my sickness. My mommy loves me! *G*

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    20:26 @ docholiday59 HI MOMS! # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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    14:47 @ riyann to this day skeksis still give me nightmares. True story. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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    09:35 Waiting at the social security office. So bored. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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