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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I told Keith my fab idea of him asking for leave. he's going to talk to the chaplain and see what he says. Im hoping that they will say okay. He thinks there is a good chance he can play it right. Everyone cross their fingers and say a prayer or what not for me. I would be SO excited if he could come home, only if for a few days. He says there is a chance he may not cycle for another 3-4 weeks. As of right now, his classes start Nov. 3. But he thinks he may get pushed back again. Oh the joy and excitement of the army heehee. I just want him home, for a few days. That's all :)


just checking up on you to see how life is going. from what ive read, it seems things are better than ever. im very happy for you. tell keith i said congrats on making it through bootcamp. from what ive seen and heard it seems very grueling. i kinda figured he could do it though....when you have something keeping you going (having a baby and a wife counting on you) you can do anything. can you believe it im searching for a second job ....ME!!! ever since brianna blessed me with her arrival, ive looked at life with a new set of eyes....ill do anything for her. so i know what keith is thinking about. brianna is 12 lbs now and has grown 2 inches in her first two and a half months...whooo...they grow up too quick...soon she will be talking to me and then talking back to me....cant wait *S* wish me luck tomorrow...i have a job interview with area51 as a bouncer...i so want this job. as soon as i can i will scan some new pics of my lil princess so you can see how she has grown.

luv always,