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Tickets are purchased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eli and I are leaving for Tampa on Tuesday at 10:05 and will be returning to Killeen on the 15th around 5pm.

We're seeing Duran Duran in Tampa on the 12th.

Much needed vacation, baby!  We're very excited.  :)

Finally - I will see one of my fav bands ever!  I've been listening to Duran Duran non-stop for like the past week.  This Fridays show is pure Duran Duran goodness.  You can still request songs if you like.  Oh, do me a favor and request friggin Hungry Like the Wolf, Wild Boys, or Ordinary World.  You will recieve an honorary punt to the head.  :-D

Now U2 must tour Texas.  Then I can check off another "band to see before I die" off my list.  Hooray!
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