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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

30 weeks! WOW!

I must be getting into this whole mommy thing, I swear I can't sleep past like 8 anymore. I just lay in bed hoping that I will fall back asleep, but it just doesnt happen. I also think it has something to do with the baby deciding he is hungry and kicking until I get something in my system. He's got an appitite. Just like his daddy. :)

Speaking of his daddy, Keith called me last night crying. Seems a lot of the guys there have family in Texas and they get to visit with the guys. Keith is feeling really lonely being away from me. It's also made him quite snappy and he's been yelling at some of his good friends who have been telling him he's too edgy. He's going to find a DS today and tell them about his mental well-being and ask them to come home, and not take no for an answer. I think I may know the verdict early afternoon when he calls. We'll see. Im not going to get my hopes up if it is a no, but it will be wonderful to have him home for a week.

Im feeling so pregnant now. It's about time I guess. I feel like a whale. My back hurts, my tummy itches, and Im ALWAYS hungry! I am showing a wee, just like a pudge. And as expected,that happened over night. In 10 weeks, I have a baby. Good lord. What am I going to do? It could be even sooner than that. Elijah is always kicking and beating me up. Keith has already warned me that he's goin to teach Elijah his purpose in life is to make mommy's life a living hell. As if Keith needs any help. You know, Im glad I get along with men so well. Now I will have my 2 boys. :)

I want to get my room cleaned out JIC Keith comes home. But also I have some family coming out this weekend from Omaha, and Im sure the girls will be hanging out in my room. It's been a week since I've been home from my trip and I still havent done laundry or unpacked. The UPS packages WILL be here today, so I need to get orgionized. Wee the excitement. Ok, getting breakfast and being motivated. :)


you're 30 weeks and just now showing? wow. must be a small baby?!
ANyways, hope he gets to come home!!! take care!


No, Im just carrying it all in my ass. :)

Actually, I wear a lot of baggy clothes and wasn't exactly a twig when I got pregnant. I have been losing as I gain, and Im finally even. I think I just don't notice b/c it has been so gradual. I think I want a big belly so bad that I have been cursed with none! :)

*crosses fingers* Im trying not to get too excited to live with the disappointment, but you never know. :)
ugh. that is probably going to happen to me too! lol. I want a belly so bad..so therefore I am not going to get one..and it is probably going to be nasty looking if i do get one! haha.
That is good though that it has been gradual and you are even now! The main thing is that you are healthy..so thats good. :)
with my luck..I'll blow up like a big balloon when I get pregnant!! I think I want to be one of the cute little girls who just have a baby belly and no other fat anywhere else!

going to laugh my ass off at you guys!

when the belly does catch up to you, your gonna die! Lane was 10lbs. 3oz. I couldn't fit behind the wheel of our car during the last month and a half of my pregnancy. I did also carry him two weeks after the due date, so he had plenty of growing time. Maternity pants were starting to get tight, I had to wear the elastic in them under where they should have been!!! One day I'll get a pic on here of when I was seven months, and ya'll will shit yer selves! I'm not even kidding! I never had an infant, they tease me, they say I had a toddler! :) was nuts. im me I can tell you all about it!!! lmao!

Re: going to laugh my ass off at you guys!

lol. 10lbs!! my god Lane was a big boy!

Re: going to laugh my ass off at you guys!

and all ready 2ft. tall! :) took them inducing me for a day and a half to realize that I wasn't progressing enough, so finally I had a c-section. Thank GOD for the epideral!!!!! :)