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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

It's been WW3 with this computer tonight. It's just not being nice at all. Keith called of course, and his forms are in to talk to his DS "sometime this week". When this will be I don't know. Hopefully we'll know something soon. Trying not to get too into a decision until we know for sure. Of course, I got some disheartening news. It seems that this morning (or rather yesterday now) one of the guys was complaining about AIT and how it's worse than BCT (yeah, right). The DS then told them all something to the extent of "It's not worse, Im tired of you bitching and ya'll need to stop bitching about wanting to go home". So this makes me worry. Keith still thinks he may know how to do it though.

Im moving, down the hall. Im losing the massive guest room and moving into my sister's old room. It's smaller, but I think I like it better. Once I got putting baby stuff in there, I really like it. I do lose my own bathroom, but that's not too big of a deal. I still have access when no one is staying over. I don't need a massive bedroom for just me, content laying in bed all day. :)

That's my excitement. Im going to bed. *g*