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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Dear god.  More photos.  My throne (computer) and Skeeter


My throne


the right side of my throne and all my crap

Another shot of my throne.



He's still no fun though.  Still too scared of us.


You are a fiend! What is Keith saying while all this is going on? LOL!
Hey now, it's all LJ cut. So no one should complain :) He thinks it's cute that Im so excited. I still havent taken phots of my living room, my bedroom, Eli's room or my bathroom (my fav room next to my bedroom). I'll probably wait until tonight for most of those. The thing is, the camera is so easy to use and easy to upload. It literally takes me 2 minutes in between taking the photo and uploading it to lj. Hes too busy sniffing model airplane enamel and glue anyways ;)
Hey, I'm not complaining! I rather like seeing what your space looks like. It's like our own version of LJ 'Cribs'....and it's satisfying my voyoeristic appetite for today....no need to spy on the neighbors. :) Sike! :D LOL!
P.S. What kind of camera did ya get? I need a new one.

I think it's cute and funny as hell because I'm picturing you running around doing it. :D
lj cribs, that cracks me up. :)

We bought a kit 2 weeks ago. It included a photo printer (does regular printing as well) HP Photosmart 7760, some photo paper, the camera (HP Photosmart M307), and a memory card - all for 200 bucks. A very good deal, I thought. Its super easy to deal with. It also has one button email and printing. Convienent enough for me! I'm not sure if Office Max still has it, or if it was a one time thing. The salesman said they had a ton leftover from Xmas, so they were trying to get rid of them.
i helped name the lirdigus! YES YES hehehehe skeeter