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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the anticipation is starting to get old. i've been trying not to get myself too worked up and curious about wether or not keith will be allowed to come home. i've been forcing myself to be optimistic since he left, and it's really exausting. Im a pessimist by nature. I've had to be the one to encourage him and tell him that he can do what he's been doing. I've shown all the support I can. Now I have to sit and twidle my thumbs, and I just can't do it. I can't wait and wonder every day what the verdict is going to be. They're going to say no. With all I've heard, there is no way he's going to come home. Some girl went AWOL and the whole base is freaking out. One person had to ruin it for everyone. Now will I let Keith know about this? Of course not. But at least accepting it now makes for less disappointment later.


Those people that go AWOL make no sense to me..I mean HELLO! Do you really think the military wont find you?? like DUH!
I know what you mean about trying to stay optimistic..I used to consider myself an optimist..when Mike first left I was sad but I think I was better than towards the end..i think the key word is try?? i can't even IMAGINE what it would have been like for me had I been pregnant!!
Just stick in there...all will work out as true love conquers all :)


Get this, she was told by a recruiter that she could live with her family while in AIT and just show up for formations. Her family sold thier house and moved to Texas. As soon as she gets there, they are like, uh no. So she got pissed and took off. You know, right now is not exactly the brightest time to go AWOL. We're in something called a state of war. Proves you don't need a brain to go through basic.

It's not the optimism Im having issues with. It's the impending disappointment. Dec. 20 is not that far away, and I should look forward to that rather than some unknown date that could or may happen. Im just not used to being the one to encourage. But Im doin my best. :)


that's all you can do right??

Dec. 17th for me! I haven't seen my fiance since feb and I get to see him Dec 17th and I'm super excited.