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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the REST of the house photos (plus Stockton, one of Elijah, and the model Airplanes Keith is working on).  A LOT of photos here.


Our mediocre movie collection


Our "entertainment" cabinet plus my wee bookshelf


The monkey on our armchair

Our front door.  Mostly because I wanted a photo of Denis the Sock monkey and his boyfriend Jimmy Pop.  On the door, you can see a few of my cards I got for my bday.

Mmmm, dora!  Baby crack!  (I swear, my child wears clothes.  This was just one of those mornings where he refuses to keep them on)


My TV featuring the worst show ever.

How I prefer the TV when Dora is on.

A plane, lol
Another plane.
Yeah, another plane.  The last two are hanging from Eli's ceiling



Yes, he only has one eye (in case you didnt know)

My bed

the mirror on my dresser.  I just wanted to show off my faries.

The upstairs bathroom shower curtain.  Didnt feel like showing everything else off, but the shower curtain is the best part :)


NICE Apachie!!! *DROOL* Ok, btw, that's not just "another plane".. first off, its the same plane as the privious pic and thats TWO planes (well sorta) the sr-71 Blackbird and DRONE. :) Did you know that the sr-71 Blackbird dumps almost a full tank of fuel onto the runway as it takes off? Why you ask, well, I'll tell ya.. because it is designed to be hypersonic and that causes friction. Friction causes heat.. and well, heat makes things expand (mind out of the gutter). So, the seams on the blackbird, when cool, are far apart so that when they heat up, they have room to expand. Immediately after take off, it has to refuel! :)

I know I know, WAY more info then you wanted! :)
shut up, know it all. :-D
Put some clothes on that boy woman!

Nice pics of everything. Sorry I am just now getting around to commenting. I have looked at everything though. =)
love the baby. shawn and i will babysit.

and i love the cat. reminds me of that commercial i saw on the super bowl commercial show that was about a one eyed dog adopted by a boy with one leg. it made me cry. a lot.
Fourth aircraft picture down...my husband flies that sexy beeyotch! Of course his isn't all silver and pretty like that, but sexy nonetheless.

I. HATE. Dora. I'm sorry but she's way too bossy for my liking. Too bitchy to be teaching my son spanish. I'll leave that to Rosita, and the other Sesame street Gang.
I dont like Dora either. Im in the same idea that he needs to learn everything from Sesame street - LIKE I DID, lol. But if it entertains him, that's even better :)
I LOVE the bed set! Very jealous!

Oh...and I thought your cat was winking at me!
PUDMONKEY!!! And I have a one-eyed dog.
the bed!! the bed!!! it looks amazing!!!!
I love the comforter! where'd you get it?
You kitty is gorgeous. You can post cute pics of your kid as long as he's not buck-nekkid. Just diaper is cute. At least he's not like my sister when she was little. Oh, the horror.