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the REST of the house photos (plus Stockton, one of Elijah, and the model Airplanes Keith is working on).  A LOT of photos here.


Our mediocre movie collection


Our "entertainment" cabinet plus my wee bookshelf


The monkey on our armchair

Our front door.  Mostly because I wanted a photo of Denis the Sock monkey and his boyfriend Jimmy Pop.  On the door, you can see a few of my cards I got for my bday.

Mmmm, dora!  Baby crack!  (I swear, my child wears clothes.  This was just one of those mornings where he refuses to keep them on)


My TV featuring the worst show ever.

How I prefer the TV when Dora is on.

A plane, lol
Another plane.
Yeah, another plane.  The last two are hanging from Eli's ceiling



Yes, he only has one eye (in case you didnt know)

My bed

the mirror on my dresser.  I just wanted to show off my faries.

The upstairs bathroom shower curtain.  Didnt feel like showing everything else off, but the shower curtain is the best part :)
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