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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl


can you tell I have nothing better to do while I wait for Keith to get me a paper?  I already have the Easter photos uploaded.

Wait, is that for me??

Look Mom!  It's SPONGE BOB!


Look Mom, he's wearing clothes!

Easter Sponge Bob

Wait a second, there's CANDY IN HERE!

Enjoying a Krabby Patty

MMM, candy for breakfast

Come on Mom, let me eat in peace.

A bit chewy, lol

The bottom of the basket was actually a trashcan.  So of course, my child puts it on his head.  He puts everything on his head.

What do you want?

And just for my own personal amusement, some shots I took the other night of vasa


vasa and sugarcherrybabe.

See, I have friends no matter what you may hear :)


Eli looks stoned. LOL I almost bought that same basket at the BX yesterday. It was $9.99 with 25% off. The only thing that stopped me was the small amount of candy in it. The one I picked out for Jordan was FULL of candy and I knew Kira would not be happy if she had less candy. Since Jordan does not like Spongebob I opted to just get Kira the same one I got Jordan. Funny enough it was cheaper than the Spongebob one. Go figure.

Happy Easter chicka! We are still up in the air about leaving for SC. Damn weather can kiss my arse! Luvs you!
Man, I paid 16 dollars for that stinking thing. We figure we may as well spoil him now. Soon enough (ok, later than sooner) he will have to share Easter with a sibling, so we may as well get him what we know he will like. The best part? Sponge Bob basket gave me a paper cut when I was pulling it apart. So I got a Sponge Bob band-aid. The child loves Sponge Bob, what can I say.

Have a good day!! Give all the kids a hug from Miss Tina and I'll talk to you later this week. Love ya too.
AHAHAHA I thought you said you paid some outrageous price for it. I figured it was something way nicer than what we had here. You can imagine my face when I saw it and realized it was the same exact thing!

He deserves to be spoiled though. All kids deserve it! I can so see you sporting a Spongebob band-aid. I am lucky that my band-aids are all clear. Kira is allergic to brown band-aids as well as the white ones. The only ones she can wear are the clear ones. =)

As for having a good day we'll see. Mike is STILL in the bed. I can't get him to answer me about leaving for SC or staying. I'm supposed to tell a friend if we are eating with her or not. I'm working on a letter for my friend that is in jail and I'm stumped all to hell and back. I'm groggy from lack of sleep. I'm just all around miserable. And instead of continuing to ramble in your journal I am going to call you and ramble to you in person instead. YOU BETTER ANSWER THE DAMN RINGING PHONE! *mwah*
Oh, man.... Spongebob rocks..... The thing is as big as Eli! I agree, he does look a little stoned, but I think it was the enjoyment of the Krabby Patty ;)
He is so addicted to Sponge Bob. He could say Sponge Bob before he could say Mommy :)
wow..... that's obsessive.... But what can I say besides "Go Spongebob!"
aww, elijah looks adorable =) and spongebob has bunny ears, too cute! i love the third picture were he is pointing at the basket. kind of looks like he is saying "this is mine goddammit! don't touch!"
He's such a greedy little thing, lol
He is so adorable! Mariah made me an Easter Basket. Scary, huh?
Too adorable, hon. All of it. :)