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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I am so tired. I think this is my first time of actually being on the computer today. I made carmel apples and got eggnog. I thought this would make me happier, and it worked. Sorta. Just a funk. it will pass. I did get to talk to Keith a little tonight. I think Im going to make him talk mush to me tomorrow so I can feel love. Maybe that's all this is. just wanting to feel that he cares about me. Im glad I've told myself there is no reason to stay optimistic. It's stopped me from wondering. I got all my stuff cleaned out and in the new room. It's nice in there. I have a "keith shrine" that is going to scare him when he comes home for Xmas.

Im going to get up tomorrow and head into town with my dad to meet up with my family that is coming in. So Im going to head to bed, Im exausted.


LOL @ the Keith Shrine. I had something similar at my apartment only I called it the wall of memories. It consisted of the Valentine's Day card Mike gave me before leaving for Pakistan the first time. AS well as pics and every letter he sent me. But I had pics of deasr friends I left behind in NC as well. So I could not call it a Mike shrine. :o) Don't know if I will be putting it back up or not but I have a few pics of it so I know it was not a figment of my imagination. LMAO