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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Oh look, a photo from the ball.

You happy now? You get to see me all girlified. And nice choice, Vasa. Turned out nice. Thank you so much for watching Eli for us :)

I'll be generous and cut it for you, but here is Keith and I before the ball


In the immortal words of Billy Crystal:

Thanks!! :-D

Soooo Hot...

and Tina looks really good, too.

Re: Soooo Hot...

Yeah, it was like 80 thousand degrees out yesterday. But Im sure it was about the same up there yesterday. Stupid Texas.
I like watching Eli. He is my buddy. We had fun and we enjoyed having him around. He got mad at me because I made him eat ALL of his food before I let him get up but he finally did it and he didn't make a mess either :P
I still cannot believe he slept for you. He was so tired when he got home last night. He was super happy to see us this morning though. I can tell he had a good time. I may make you watch him again because there is a movie in the theaters right now I am dying to go see!

What are we doing Sunday???
I prefer to quote Clapton. "You look wonderful tonight...."
whoa! and you called me all worried and shit??
I did! It wasn't the hair or makeup, it was the dress. Not to mention the shoes I wanted to wear didnt work out, so I had to wear shoes I didnt want to wear (And I got serious compliments). What can I say, you're my fashion consultant, hahaha
HAHAHAHAHA, Im taking that as a compliment, so whoo hoo! :-D
Damn girl you are so hot!!!! I love your hair!!! And I can't stop staring at your lipstick..what is it?
It's MAC ProLongWear lipstick in All Nighter, MAC lip pencil in Mahogany, and Lancome Juicytube in Sparkling Odie. I probably should make a post for all the makeup I wore. Some of the other MAC girls would probably love it :)

So what time in Germany makes for my radio show times? It's probably the crack of dawn :D Hope you're enjoying yourself over there and I can't wait until you get the interw00b back :)
Damn you, i can NOT believe you didnt show the "whole" package!!! You looked so incredible!

i must say, i'm very proud of you missy! Gettin all dressed up and making yourself look spectacular for your man and the dumb Army. :) Good job!

Hope you guys had fun!
You're the only reason I had any confidence last night. That's why I HAD to come to your house, just to make sure. Sorry I woke you up, but I needed the push, haaha. And I scared your kids, looking all girly.

I would have called you, but it was sooooo boring. Other than me almost bursting into tears in front of his Lt, it was a pretty tame night.

AND I DRANK THE GROG!! It was gross.
Woo Hoo! Now don't show up in Dallas looking that good! LOL I hope you had fun! Mike told me THIS morning that you called yesterday. =( I'll try to give you a call later today before we leave for SC.
well, if not no big deal... I'll talk to you when you get home! Although I do have some serious drama to tell you.

it's like 20 days and counting until you're in Dallas right? Whoo hoo!!

I'll do your makeup like that, lol.
Absolutely gorgeous, doll. :D
Thanks, dear! You owe wedding photos now, since I posted that!
Oh man, Eli really does look like his daddy. :P

And you, Miss Ma'am are fine as wine! You look very beautiful! :D I hope you guys had a good time.
I know, with the short hair it's uncanny.

And thank you dear! We can send MAC a thank you note, since that's of course all I wore. Im half tempted to post a photo in the community... but nope. :-D
Ya know, all that shit I gave ya'll last night and now I'm gonna compliment him. lol. Keith has gorgeous eyeballs. ;)
Keith hates you now, by the way.

He scoffs and says Why thank you Niki, Im glad YOU approve of my eyeballs.

Where's the 10 grand by the way?
Wow! You looked hot! I love the hair!
thanks! Im going to keep the red in it for a bit (it was actually purple and red dye mixed together), but it's Manic Panic, so it will be gone unfortunatly very quickly.

Next color is something Keith picked out, it;s a blue purple. :)
hotness. I especially dig the hair.