I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Keith made the mistake yesterday of buying a kiddie pool at Walmart. I guess Eli didnt understand quite what it was until this morning when he picked up the box and yelled BATH MAMA!!! So I started to fill up the pool and told him we needed to wake daddy up. I have never seen Eli so excited. WAKE UP DADDY! POOL DADDY! WATER DADDY! WATER OUTSIDE! jumping on the bed. Anyways.... here are some photos of this morning's festivities (notice the time, it's only 10:30 here. It's been a long day)

his kissy face. You know you're scared.

thats my fav photo. I think that one's going to get framed.

oh yeah... this is my garden of flowers that I grew from seeds. Theyre never going to bloom, ever I swear. :) You wouldnt believe it, but that was all sand a few months ago. Yes, I am very proud of my garden :p

And in case you wanted to see Samantha, Keith's hamster

That's PART of her house. She is incredibly spoiled.

Yeah, she's kind of cute :)

A grumpy shot of Keith this morning because *insert sarcastic whining* someone was up until 5 AM and had to get up early. heheheheh (my own evil laugh)

And last but not least, jesshobbs and her new daughter, Morgan, sleeping on my loveseat last weekend

the PS secret yesterday was that RAMIAH IS PREGNANT! I can commence to once again calling her fat, more than I usually do. Im very excited ESPECIALLY because I will be in El Paso when the little brat is born. W00t!. :)
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