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ponytail girl

June 2010

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just recieved in my email.

Dear Friend:

Only hours from now, President Bush touches down in Scotland for the G8 Africa summit.  Tomorrow, a delegation travels to this meeting with millions of letters from around the world, asking the G8 leaders to take up a new fight against global AIDS and poverty. Will they carry your signature and voice? 

We only have 24 hours left: Sign the ONE letter to President Bush  and join 390,000 Americans in asking for an historic debt, aid and trade deal for the world's poorest people.

At Live 8 this past Saturday, more than 1 million people from Hollywood to Hip-Hop to the Heartland called in one voice for an end to extreme poverty and global AIDS. In living rooms from Des Moines to Johannesburg, 2 billion people tuned into the concerts on TV and asked for real change in Africa.

Live 8 was not just about one Saturday. It was one day in a long walk to justice. Don't let this opportunity pass without taking a minute to change the lives of a generation - through something as easy as sending an email. We made a noise the world has never heard on Saturday, will President Bush and other leaders hear us? 

Ask at least 3 friends and family to sign the ONE letter to President Bush today.

In the next few days, eight men will huddle around a table to decide the fate of millions of lives in a new and historic solution for those who need it most. Sign the ONE letter today.
Thank you,

The ONE Team