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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

fantabulous. heartburn. kicking in the ribs. my bladder is a trampoline. braxton hicks. constant hunger. constant trips to the little girls room. hot flashes and constant roasting. WEE I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!

So due to poor planning on my dad's fault I had to miss my childbirth class. Have to call this week to reschedule for the first Sat of Dec. Hopefully this doesnt cut it too close. But Dr Mom said if I go into labor that early, last thing I will be worried about will be breathing excersizes. *g* 8 Weeks left. I just can't believe that I have been pregnant THAT long. 32 weeks is a long freaking time. I've never thought of time in week long periods until I got pregnant and Keith enlisted. Now my whole life is divided into weeks. 8 weeks left of pregnancy, 6 and a half until Keith comes home for Xmas, 19 for him starting Wed (Hopefully they start him soon). He has decided against jump school. He's also talking about getting out of the Army after his 4 because his MOS is combat medic. They neglected to inform him of the amount of COMBAT he will see. They told him today that 2% of the graduates will work in a hospital. The rest will be on the field. He doesnt want to be away from me or Elijah that long. it's been hard for him, I can tell. He's had a lot of issues with his health and well-being. Now he has time to think about what decision he made and where he is going. I just wish I could be more supportive to him. All I have is a phone when he calls me, which is seemingly less and less now. I didnt hear from him for the last two days and I had 10 minutes today. He just sounds so tired, so distant, so lonely. Im planning on making his first weekend back here wonderful. Im going to get us a hotel room downtown and we can walk around and look at the Xmas lights. Take a taxi out to the mall and go Xmas shopping. Go for a romantic dinner. You know we've never been out to dinner alone? A nice dinner. Seriously. Keith and I never really dated. Weird that we're married and have never been on a date. I miss him. It's been like 15 weeks since he went away. We just passed the 3 month mark. It's so hard to be away from the person you love. I love him so much it's crazy. All my life, I had him right there, and until he was gone, I never knew what I had. We lived on a promise, a promise I kept for 3 years. I never thought it would end up like this, but I couldnt have asked for anything better. Keith is amazing. All that time I thought I could never love just one person... I don't know what I was thinking. I have that one person. My one soulmate. There is no one or anything I could ask for more than him.

and on that note, Im exausted. Im going to go play susie homemaker and get some sleep. I should be around more tomorrow. Have a good night :)


My fiance and I have never been on a date either...But we met on the internet *oooooh ahhhhh* so I'm handling the distance probably better than you. lol Then again you are preggos which I'm sure doesn't make it easier. I get phone calls on the weekends...Either Sat or Sun and I haven't gotten more than 2 letters since he started AIT...I was being a super bitch when he called yesterday and I told him he didn't love me cause he never calls and he never writes and he said "I don't have time" to which Super Bitch replied "I won't marry someone who doesn't have time for me" ooooooooh. He got mad and we started listing all the things we do to figure out who was more busy. lol So childish...He won because "Well, you don't have to shine boots" *ba-link* "You're right you win" Hehehehe ok I rambled. I've been rambling alot lately. *huggles* My mom says breathing classes are just out there to take your money. lol Mom had all three of us natural via the vagina *HELLO* and with no drugs. Everyone's doing C-sections nowadays...I hope to have my natural and I'm not planning on using drugs. My mom's a wimp and if she can do it so can I. lol