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Im all wired on technology this morning.  Between having the computer and cable, I can hardly control myself.  I need to get some stuff done around the house, but Im having issues getting off my butt.  I swear, I learned to live without the computer and internet, but having it back is the greatest ever, lol.  And I havent made a decent post in a while and I feel the need so this may get longish.  My mom yelled at me for Friends Onlying my posts, so she couldn't read them.  So I have to try and make my posts public more often.

Yesterday I went to a "surprise" shower for Ramiah (AKA pryncessbytch).  In case you havent heard me talk about her, she is about 8 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy.  She's also having a little girl and is due within the next 2 weeks.  Anywho, it was my first official baby shower.  It was actually kind of fun.  We played a bunch of silly baby related games.  And I won.  A lot.  And got accused of cheating, lol.  I guessed how many squares of toliet paper it took to get around her baby gut and got it right.  Good thing I was nice and didnt unroll the entire roll like I was tempted to do.  Keith and I picked out this Winnie The Pooh gift set with a photo album, some places to put baby teeth, first curl, etc.  (I hate winnie the pooh.  but she loves it).  I forgot paper, so I wrapped it in tin foil.  I couldnt find any tape, so Keith got some nice duct tape and we wrapped it up.  Then I put a condom on the package instead of a bow (haha, sorry mom) to remind Miah how babies happen.  Even if Im going to have to play with baby stuff, Im still going to let my vibrant sense of humor shine through, lol.  It was a good time and Im really starting to meet some people in the area finally.  Which will be a good thing considering Im pretty much alone when it comes time to pop the kid out.

Speaking of all that baby stuff, I hit 30 weeks on Friday.  Ive got 10 weeks to go.  Im not sure how Im going to make it.  I have difficulties getting out of cars, getting out of bed, getting up when Im laying on the couch, tying my shoes, shaving my legs, etc.  Ive got some killer acid reflux (IVE GOT THE GERD!).  And let me tell you, if I dont take my zantac all the time, I know it.  Im also chasing that with some wonderful chalky mylanta because I was told to stay off the tums.    I guess I should be glad that Im still fully pregnant considering I had Eli at 34 weeks, which would be in 4 weeks.  No issues with this one yet.  Theyve been watching me fairly closely this time, just in case.  Of course, Army OB care is much different from the Ogden Clinic care I was used to.  I knew it was going to be, so I prepared myself, so it's not too bad.  It's just not like I can drop my mom's name here and have people kiss my feet :)  I took my diabetes test about 2 weeks ago.  Im not diabetic again this time, yay!  But this test was the worst I had taken so far because they gave me lime flavored sugar drink.  Seriously, worst.drink.evar.  And there's nothing pleasant about fasting for 18 hours and getting poked 6 times.  Ive also got carpal tunnel which has elevated since I got pregnant.  So I have to go pick up some wrist braces.  I'll be so cool then, carpal tunnel is so 1337!  Oh and yesterday my feet got so swollen from sitting on the computer that my toes turned purple.  It was good stuff.  I love being such a nerd its causing me bodily harm.

On the good baby front, I love buying really girly stuff.  This kid is going to pop out wearing hair bows.  Living vicariously through our kids, lol.  Ive decided that Im doing the nursery in Disney Princesses.  We registered at Babys'R'us.  We are not rich enough to buy anything there.  Can you believe they want to charge like 200 bucks for a comforter?  Heck no.  So we registered at Walmart as well.  Of course, I put funny stuff on there, like an industrial sized bucket of Butt Paste and diapers.  Because diapers are important, man.  I always feel so guilty about registering.  Its like begging.  So I register and never tell anyone, lol.

I start my radio show again this week, loyal listeners.  Changed the night and time though, to Saturdays 10-12EST.  I need to re-record my add and create some new banners.  Im excited to be doing my show again, and have had a ton of people bugging me about it.  I really love doing my show, so hopefully my listener number starts growing now.

Speaking of music, Depeche Mode's new CD is not good.  I got it for xmas and my dad and I listened to it on the drive back to El Paso.  I wound up skipping most the songs.  I think if I relistened to it, it would probably grow on me.  I have decided I am getting far far too picky and stuck up in my musical tastes in my old age. 

Old age...  My bday is in 8 days.  I am ALMOST a quarter century old.  I told my dad that and he started yelling at me about how I cant be 25 yet because he's not that old yet and that I will ONLY be 24.  Well, I did say ALMOST.  I got an early bday gift since I probably wont get my gift from my parents since our genetic makeup makes us terrified of the Post Office.  I didnt get my gift from last year until Xmas (it was worth it though, a nightmare before xmas cookie jar).  My mom bought me a year membership to U2.com so I can play on the Zootopian message board.  And that just reminded me of something I saw last night on my parents website.  I am hotlinking my parents website again, its going to get me in trouble, lol.

That is a closeup of the Zootopian banner my mom carried.  Between the G and the A?  that's me :)  At the G tail end?  Thats my sister Chelsea.  And the top of the G?  My sister Jessica.  Im not sure where my mom and dad's signatures are, it gets kinda blurry.  My parents website is like the wall of shame they have at home.  Well, hallway of shame.  Its covered in embarassing photos of us.  I love it though, Im a geek like that.

This post is getting so stinking long.  And Im still not done yacking.  Going 6 months without a computer is bad.  But Eli is nagging me for juice, I need to do a load of dishes, the bird needs food, and my feet are swelling.  Sorry for cluttering your friends pages :)
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