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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Good morning guys.  Well, almost afternoon for some of you.  No, you know what?  Its my lj and Im stuck in Mountain time, so it's morning.  Nyah.  :)

Trying to get motivated this morning to take a shower and get Eli and myself dressed.  We've got a playdate with some of the other gals in this Yahoo group Im in.  We're going to Peter Piper Pizza.  Ive never been to a Peter Piper Pizza.  The only thing I know about Peter Piper Pizza is that their commercial writers don't know correct english.  They have this irritating commericial that says "Take me where the food is flavory".  What does that mean?  Drives me nuts.  Flavory is not a word.  And at 3.50 a head for a pizza buffet, I really doubt the food is all that "flavory" unless you like cardboard. ((09:45:05) Ramiah: shut up about the flavory already :)

Speaking of commercials, has everyone seen that Nextel commercial where the guys dance around to "Push It"?  I love that commercial, I die laughing everytime.  The best commercials of all would have to be Johnson Jewelers though, which no one outside of El Paso would see.  Lets just say the owner looks like Santa Claus and has NO SHAME.  They show this shot of cleavage with a diamond pendant in it, drag the diamond up and you realize it's Randy.  He says "If I can make this look good, imagine what it would look like on her".  Ew, old man cleavage.  He cracks me up though.

Eli has officially started interacting with the shows we put on TV.  There's something so funny about him putting out his hand and yelling SWIPER NO SWIPING.  I hate Dora.  Some people say it teaches kids to be billingual.  Well, I live in El Paso.  If I stay here longer than 6 months my kid will be billingual.  Although Im sure he will learn more ... uhm ... interesting words in Spanish than Backpack.  Soon as taxes hit (tomorrow hopefully) and the dust settles on us paying things off, we have to go buy Eli a bed.  Im still not sure what we're going to decorate his room in.  I guess we'll just let him go crazy in the bedding aisle at Target or something, lol.  Something I really love is decorating my house.  Im such a goober.  :)

Ive been going through the procedures to apply to University of Texas at El Paso.  It's free online, so I have nothing to lose.  I've just got to get my transcripts ordered from Weber High and University of Utah.  I think I have decided to major in speech pathology.  Although this will change in 6 months.  I just think I would do well teaching special needs kids.  I love teaching, but I hate large groups of kids. 

Decisions - a party with some of the local girls tonight or My Name Is Earl.  I love that show, its the funniest thing on TV right now.  Every week they give me a fab new quote to use out of no where.  Last week was "Earl, you got a quarter?  why'd you have to tell me to get kermit?  He's got those skinny legs and he's hard to claw".  Week before that was "Its like Bill from Bill and Ted went into the Matrix cause everyone is wearing suits".  That makes no sense unless you've seen the show.  Which I highly recomend because it's hysterical.  Not to mention I love Jason Lee in everything he does.  Except for naming his kids.  Pilot Inspektor is just an invitation to get your kid made fun of. 

Some of you know Im a total celebrity gossip addict, although I would prefer to remain in the closet over it.  News this morning says Britney Spears is pregnant.  Again.  Nasty man.  Insert some comment here about her popping out puppies like a Mormon and how K-Fed is the biggest piece of trailer trash I have ever seen.

Oh...  and I almost forgot, Thank you to andrea_p for my 6 month lj paid account for my bday.  Although her bday is tomorrow and she already HAS a paid account.  So I dont know how Im supposed to return the favor.  Its not like the mail goes fast to Hawaii or anything, lol.  So I get to continue adding icons to my vast collection.  So thanks Andrea!  :) 


*huggles* So glad your back in the net ... *smiles* And ya what .... if I lived out your way ... that jeweler would SOOOO have my business !!! LOL !!!
I'm backasswards and read down my flist.

I have to see this cell phone commercial. You are the second person I've seen talk about it and how funny it is.

MOre Jason Lee love over here. We love Earl! (We just have a problem with him coming on the same time as CSI....usually Earl wins now)

And, like I said, Happy Early Birthday. Your husband thinks I'm a social retard on the phone, I'm sure. That or completely obsessed with you and in love with you (which wouldn't be so bad, right?).
He thinks everyone is a tard. I just give him hell when he answers now. Eventually he will give the phone to Tina. =) He's even funnier in person. Oh wait maybe I meant to say funny looking. =)
As much as I love that you are once again posting you really need to stop until you get your braces my dear. You need to get them so that you can register at games.com and we can play Monopoly, Scrabble, Boggle, Sorry, etc. together. =) Cause you know I have no life and no responsibilities in life. =)

I still say stick with the Queen bed and just buy solid colored bedding that you can accent with childlike stuff. =)
Oh and e-mail me at ellaboylesATcomcastDOTnet so that I can save your damn e-mail addy.
Speaking of celebrity gossip, I have some that I kept meaning to tell you but (obviously) kept forgetting. Apparently the lead singer of Maroon 5 is sleeping with Jessica Simpson. She was seen entering his hotel room one night and leaving the next morning in his t-shirt and the same pants she was wearing the night before. I seriously would have thought he had better taste than that, but whatever.