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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

why is it in our own journals, we are still afraid to be who we are? Many of my friends have been commenting on someone on their friends list that they can't stand or can't stand them. But yet they don't delete them. Did you know I am just as guilty? I have a rule as long as I am added to your journal, you're added to mine. Yet I still find myself annoyed with a few. Now don't feel bad and think I am writing this about you. That's not the point. I just want to point out this simple fact. Im too nice. That's my excuse. What's yours?

Sad that even in our own journals, we're still afraid to be ourselves. *shrugs* just thought it was worth pointing out.


I hope I'm not one of the people who annoy you. And I hope I don't annoy anyone else.

Why do I keep them on? I don't know. because they arent an asshole all the time.

I did speak with them last night and they know they are on thin ice.
You don't annoy me. :) I'd kick your ass to the curb if you did and laugh at ya. Heehee. No, I was just curious bc I am just as guilty as everyone that has been posting about this. Like 5 of my friends in the past 12 hours. Kinda makes you wonder. :)
DAMN that is ME! I have someone on my LJ that bugs the dickens outta me. Yet I would feel guilty taking them off of my friends list. Of course that is me in life as well. If someone bugs me I distance myself a little but I can never completely draw away. Mike tells me all the time I am too nice and I need to learn to say no and speak up. Sounds good but I know it is something I could never do.


you know what is so funny? I think there are like 5 of us who cant stand the same person, and yet we won't delete them. I think it's so hilarious with how nice we are. Poor person will never know. :)
Your right the person might never know though my patience and niceness is slowly wearing down. And a little birdie told me that you and I are talking about the one and the same. :o) Why am I not surprised? LOL
*shrug* I have no qualms about taking people off the list that I'm tired of reading. I figure if they take it personally and take me off their list "oh well". Sometimes people post too many jokes or quizzes and i just can't handle it.
Fear of rejection. I don't want to look like a loser. That's my top two reasons for keeping people on my list that I don't particularly like. I often find myself not being me(see: fear of rejection) in real life, why would I be any different in LJ land?


it's so frustrating to me, that even in your journal, that is supposed to be YOUR JOURNAL (IE something personal you write everything in) and we still hide. I do the same thing. There are aspects in my life I dont write about. I get scared that people will turn their backs on me. Nice.