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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Everyone do me a favor and start sending me "stay in the oven plz" vibes.  I just had 4 decent contractions in the past 50 minutes.  She thinks it's time to come out and play with Emily, but I dont think so.  I really DONT want to go to L&D tonight, seeing as my babysitter has a baby.  What is it with my kids being so stinkin antsy.

Driving in El Paso is so fun.  You never know what wrong turn is going to take you into Mexico.  Like yesterday, Keith and I almost went into Juarez, twice.  And drove along the border counting border control cars.  Good fun!!

We got a Sams membership last night too.  Im all about diapers in bulk now.  And toliet paper.  And GOLDFISH CRACKERS for Eli (the snack that smiles back until you bite its head off).  Can you tell Im just writing to ignore the fact that I might wind up in the hospital this early?  Im just slightly panicked for no good reason at all. 

I like CSI Miami.  Horatio is good stuff.  I also love that for a good part of the day I can watch Law And Order at any given time.  I love SVU, Ice T makes it worth it.  He always looks like "he's gonna smack a bitch".  Keith makes fun of me and my love for Ice T.

What a useless post. :p


Ok, so I finally have a box together for you, I just have to go to the post office. There is an almost completely unused package of newborn diapers in there along with clothes that should last you through the fall (0-6 months stuff). So, the kid needs to stay in the oven at least long enough for me to procrastinate going to the PO.

If ya need to talk, it's still early here. You know my number.
Yay!!! I get Andrea's leftovers! (Abbie's leftovers, whatever, lol). Girls like clothes, she should wait for her wardrobe to show up, lol.

And why in the WORLD were you up at 5:46? I can never get the timing right. Stupid living in Hawaii. Did you know I COULD have gone to Hawaii for free next month and to see U2? But noooooo, I had to be pregnant. Or have a newborn. Either way, my sister gets to go instead of me. Boo-urns.

its the coffee talking :)
thanks hun, you need them more than I do right now!
Now you stop that .... *smiles* ya know how it is ... if ya can't help yourself ... help others ... *smiles*

I'm glad to hear that yall are settled and enjoying your new post .... remember to post lots and lots of piccies when the latest member arrives !!!
BEBE STAY THERE. STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!! [/bad Billy Madison paraphrase]

I miss Sam's diaper-bulk-o-rama. And their store brand of wipes....43,000,000 wipes for $13. Woot.

And while Ice-T is delicious AND refreshing, nothing beats a tall glass of Chris "Eliot Stabler" Meloni. Gads that man is delicious.

And that is my random reply. G'day. =)
oh man, 80 pullups for 20 bucks. I got huggie wipes because we use wipes for everything and I prefer the quality. Although give it a few months and I swap back. Of course, Im always torn - save a buck or get quality. I miss HEB (grocery store in Killeen) because they had the BEST cheapest diapers. Now Im stuck with Huggies or White Cloud. Or Drypers. Or whatever that diaper is with the ducks on it. Thats the worst kind. Okay, did I just spend an entire paragraph discussing diapers? crap.

I still love Ice T the best. Now Eliot is pretty nice, but Ice T would smack him too. The only thing that completes Ice T is whenever he's paired up with Munch. Now those two together are hysterical. You'd never think a show with crime and murder could be so funny. I guess it's because I have a horrible sense of humor. Keith prefers CI, but I think he has a crush on Vincent D'Onofrio (he got so chunkified).

Random comments are the most fun, I swear.
Sam's is addictive. I KNOW I don't need that large of anything, but LOOK how cheap it is!

Hope the baby stays in for a little while longer!
You can never have enough toliet paper, paper towels, diapers (with toddlers), and cleaning stuff. Ive gotten to the point where I HATE grocery shopping. So going to Sams and picking up things we HAVE to HAVE is fantastic. :)

don't you know whats out here? stay in there!!

Hope that helps. ;)
Miah said if she was my kid, she wouldnt want to be stuck in me either. I have the sweetest friends.
BWHAHAHAHA!!! Best reply EVER!! I love it.
Oh and to 'Lil girl', stay in!!! LOL!!

Alright, look kid. You need to hold out for another 2 weeks so that your big brother can wait at home with me for you to be born, rather than having to go to someone else's house. And so I can hold the brand-new baby :). And because mom and dad are going to need a lot of help when you come, and I just can't be there yet to help.

So hold your horses, got it?
Amen. Thats what Im shooting for. I dont want this kid to come anytime in the next 2 weeks at least!
Allright wee one, there are several reasons you need to stay pput.

1. Have you seen your mother and father? No? Trust me you don't want to! Haha
(mom is not so bad but be very wary of dad)

2. I have an entire twin sized bed covered with stuff for you and you can not come until I get it to your momma.

3. It's warm and quite in there. You do realize you are going to have a big borther that is going to torture the hell out of you right? Stay in there as long as possible. I recommend staying in there until he is at least 18.

4. And last but not least, HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR PARENTS?????