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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

things that annoy me today:

* that damn avril lavrene or whatever girl. I hate punk to begin with, but this new-age punk makes me want to slit my wrists. everything from blink182 to all those other annoying bands. She makes it worse though. why does she wear flippin' tube socks on her arms?? Does she think it's cool? I have news for her. She looks like a burnt out hippie wannabe without the coolness the origional hippies held.

* all the new trends that kids are wearing. I am so glad I graduated HS years ago. not that anyone in my age group is doing much better. i hate name brands and am happy with the fact that i buy my clothes at target. i hate my generation and am proud of the fact that most of my friends are 10 years older than me.

*Christina Aguilra (if I enjoyed these artists, I would learn to spell their names. SUE ME)'s new video. You know, seeing the top of a thong is one thing. Seeing the crotch of your panties is another. Discusting.

*girls who wear thongs "becuase I dont want a panty-line" and have their bra straps hanging out.

More to come Im sure.


LMAO lots of things aggravating you today huh? I am ashamed to admit I am a name brand gal. Not because of the status but because of the durability and fit. At the same time I do buy clothes at Target, Wal-Mart, and even K-Mart. And I wear thongs not because I don't want a panty line but because I like them. I always have. Then again I was a strange child. At the age of 8 I would take my panties off and shove them in my bookbag because I simply did not like panties. When my dad found out he himself took me out to buy some thongs. LOL And I NEVER have my bra straps hanging out and on the rare occasion one does slip I go into a rage about it. LMAO Yes I know I am a weird person.


difference is, you have personality, you're cool and are way out of my generation. (age and mentalitywise). Ya old freaking fogie. Wear the name brands. You earned it when you decided to put your wrinkley behind in a thong. :)

Im feeling evil today :)
You can kiss my wrinkly behind. LOL J/K I wear my regular panties when the time is necessary. I just prefer thongs. And no I don't show em off and let em peek out of my clothes. Hell I rarely even let my hubby see em. LMAO Just wait you too will hit 29 and be called an old fogie! But hey its nice to know I have personality and am considered cool. Which is more than many people can say. Your certainly a trip and ya crack me up! And yes you are evil. How about teaching me to be evil as well? :o) As for name brands I don't "wear" a lot. I have a passion for Ralph Lauren items though. Especially his bath collection and bedding. I can rack up some bills buying that stuff. But that is about the only "brand" I like personally. I refues to buy anything Tommy. That bastard can rot in hell as far as I am concerned. Grrrrrrrrrrrr


oh please, you know you run around in hip hugging clothes with the thong peakin out the top. How do you think you got knocked up so many times? you aint no virgin mary hehehe. (nah I know it's the good luvin you get!!)

One cannot be taught to be evil. it is passed from generation to generation. Evilness is an inherent trait. My mom is a self-proclaimed-psycho hos-beast and I learned from the best. Gotta have a hobby ya know.
Shit I wish I could get my fat ass in some hip hugging jeans! I just might let me thong peek through then! Just to say hey I have my figure back! LMAO And didn't you know my kids were immaculate conceptions? According to my dad they are he refuses to believe I have ever had sex. LOL Considering my blood is German you would think I was evil. Yet there is not an evil bone in my body! But I have the temper from hell when it is flared up! :o)


You're just like me. Ooooh, I graduated in 2000 Im sooo old and everyone in HS now sucks. Truth is, everyone who went to school with us sucked too. Our generation either made us trendy pousers or anti-social hating everything brats. Im one of the second. Even when I was in school, I would look at everyone and think, wtf is wrong with you people? Now it's even worse. Im so negitive and grouchy. :)

Gettin' old and it's making me crotchety
i agree with you!!! but avril and blink 182 are soooo not punk! they are pop. just dressing "weird" or whatever does not make them punk. pfffpt.

i hate thong wears!!!! let's kick their "just barely there straps"

this past week i was at the local bowling alley...like 15 12 year-olds were dressed like avril levine...it made me wanna vomit
i like her songs! rofl. whooops.



I tried to wear thongs. there is nothing nice about having fabric voluntarily up my ass. My husband likes my underwear just as much. You can be sexy without a string up your ass. :)


totally! i tried them once for about 5 seconds, because everyone said they were "comfortable" -- they soooo lied, LOL!!!
Yeah I don't like the showing off the thong thing either, ewww.
I don't really see the point in thongs. Panties are so you don't get goo all over your pants, I don't see how thongs would help that. You might as well not wear underwear at all.


OMG... that is hilarious. TMI and well to the point but hilarious all the same. :) I think I would rather not wear underwear than a thong anyday.

Plus, I don't think a big belly + thongs are a good thing. When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped wearing them.
*group hug for everyone that graduated in 2000* I don't think we are THAT old...But you are right HS changed alot in two years...or may be we did.