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ponytail girl

June 2010

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fin smack you.

So the other night when I posted my Filbert post, I was sick all night.  Around 2ish, I finally started to doze off and Eli starts yelling.  I go to his room to check it out and he has an explosive diaper.  I dont think much of it, just change it and get back into bed.  In the morning, Keith goes to let him out of his cage room and instead of his normal "Hi DADDY!!!" he goes "Daddy puke".  Sure enough, he ralphed all over the floor.  Then it was the toliet (only once, he tried), the trash can, the couch, his clothes, in his cup of pedialyte!  Luckily, since I am completely anti-vomit, Keith's Sgt let him off work.  Of course, this means he was home to clean up vomit and to play video games.  He did run to the store for meds, so I will give him that much.  Im still pushing fluids, but Elis pretty slow getting them down.  He's still exploding out the other end, which is getting worse than vomit.  It's a good thing we bought diapers in bulk!

Its been so hot around here lately.  We dont have the ability to turn our swap coolers on and our new cat is an escape artist (She was Miah's cat - Miah isn't a good parent, lol).  So there goes the windows.  I wake up in a pool of sweat between the heat and the pregnancy.  It's lovely.  So Im washing all my sheets and such this morning.  Gotta continue on the routines so we can catch up cleaning for our Spring Break visitors.  Gotta clean some more of our room too, Keith's been leaving clothes everywhere since I took the hamper out to do laundry. 

This kid cant decide if it wants to stay in or come out.  Whenever I pay attention to contractions, I have like 4 or 5 on top of each other, then none for a couple hours.  Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have her hang out a bit longer developmentally.  Now as for how I am feeling, I want her out and I can't even fathom how I am going to feel in a month, lol.  I am sooooo fat!  I cant get up and down from bed/couch without help.  It's a wonder people can get extremely overweight, I could never live like this.  Im just hoping things even out until Tuesday when I have an appt so I can talk to the midwife then, instead of having to go in the middle of the night or drag Keith out of work.  It's official though, I passed the Eli mark!  Which leaves me with about another 5 weeks.  Unless Miah is right, then it's 7, lol. 

Im incredibly boring as usual.  Nothing good seems to go on around here, other than the Exorcist child, lol.  I wish he would just be content to lay in bed with me and watch TV, but he fights relaxation with every fiber of his being.

I really need to figure out what is wrong with our good digi camera.  We have this old one, but I hate the quality of the photos.  Im sure I know who broke it, and his name starts with a K.  Random thought.

And something funny to leave with, last night's Law And Order had a character on there whos name cracked me up.  It was Tina Keith!!  Anyone else see that?  It was good times.

New icons, like the one I am using in this post (Fin WILL smack you), and THIS ONE because it is TRUE!!!!!!!


Im not worried about ya'll, Im worried about it staying clean while Im in the hospital, lol. The cleaner it is before I go, the cleaner it could be when I get home and sleep for days, lol. And you do realize we don't own a dishwasher, right? haha. And about the laundry, Im not anal about it, I just dont like people messing with my unmentionables. Keith's the one thats all anal, I wont fold his clothes anymore, lol.
I know you don't own a dishwasher. I recall you mentioning that (several times :-p). But you don't need to be working so hard, so don't worry too much about your house, because I'll help when I get there. If you're already in the hospital, I'll make sure it stays kept up, and if you're not, then I'll help you get it ready.
What? Me mention that I dont have a dishwasher? YOURE CRAZY! I cannot imagine complaining about that! No way. You're making things up. And I cant help it, i get bored and I like to clean. If I dont do it myself, things dont get done. But I will appreciate the help :)