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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the recap of events.

So I called Keith to tell him to come home to take me to L&D yesterday.  He asked if I needed him then.  I said, nah wait until lunch.  So he comes home and is in a mad dash to get up there.  I keep relaxing and telling him theyre just going to send me home, the longer we take the more work he gets off.  I think he's just a wee nervous.  Of course, I made my first mistake and hadn't eaten anything since breakfast.  But I figured they would monitor me for an hour and send me home.  I was wroooooong.

We went in, they made me pee in a cup, get naked, jump on the table and get hooked up to the machine.  They monitored me for an hour, then 2, then 3. I was contracting every 5 minutes or so, pretty decently.  I was about 1cm dialated.  The midwife said, oh looks like you're gonna have a baby!  We're sending you to a hospital with a NICU unit.  So they decided to transport me by ambulance to downtown El Paso to Las Palmas.  I was excited that I got my very own Wambulance.  They also had a medic come in and give me an IV.  He offered to let Keith do it.  I think I shot Keith a look of death though.  The two of them talked Iraq for like an hour.  Every time the guy would get close to sticking me, he would turn around and look at Keith and take the needle away.  I swear, I almost told him to shut up and stick me before I kicked him.

WAMBULANCES SUCK!  They put me in this bed, of course with just a hospital gown on, with my butt in the breeze.  They wheeled me through Beaumont and I was probably purple because everyone was looking at me.  The gurney was cool though, the ride was really smooth.  Then I got on the ambulance and it was like all hell broke lose.  There are no shocks in the ambulance room.  The EMT kept trying to take my blood pressure and my hand was purple because it was squeezing too tight because of the bumpy ride.  Keith had to follow behind us, which was sort of nerve wracking considering we still dont know much of El Paso and I was waiting for him to get lost.

So Las Palmas is a palace compared to Beaumont.  Keith and I about fainted when we saw their birthing suites with their microwaves and fridge and jacuzzi tubs.  Anyways, I wont bore you with all the details, but the doctor finally made it in and said yeah you're going to deliver tomorrow but we're going to give you this painful ass med thats supposed to stop your contractions, it feels like burning!  Well, it didnt stop them, but it slowed them down.  And made me shakey and dizzy.  Have you ever tried to eat ice out of a spoon with shakey hands?  Keith had to feed me.  And my son had drama last night, so I spent a good panicky 2 hours waiting for Keith to come back.  Finally they let him get me some food around 11 and told us to try and sleep.

This morning, my contractions had died down and Im only dialated to 3cm.  So he sent me home.  Good news is I am now a civilian.  I guess they call it "globalizing" and I get to see this special OB only.  He's going to give me a 3-D ultrasound this week.  Oh fancy.  And if I go into labor, I get to go back to Las Palmas.  THey have one of those baby halls of shame too, for when I finally pop the kid out.  They didnt give me a time line, just told me to take it easy and hold off with her as much as possible.

The best part was watching Keith try and sleep on their sofa bed.  Everytime he would lie down, the thing would flip.  It was funny. 

Im glad we get more time to prepare.  My thinking I was being a drama queen almost got us in trouble.  Do me a favor, if you want to be on the notice roster, then send me a comment saying so.  Keith had a hell of a time trying to figure out who to call and bug and not to, lol.


i bet grandma would like a phone call when you have the baby. i'd like to know, too =)