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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Just a quick update since people are getting concerned, lol.  I am fine, although still in quite a bit of pain.  I still wouldnt wish a C-section on my worst enemies (okay, maybe I would, lol).  Im feeling better everyday and looking forward to the day when I can finally sleep on my stomach and get up and down from sitting without help.  At least I get away with not doing much of anything though, cant complain about that.

Rhiannon is still in NICU.  Her infection went away according to the blood work yesterday, but then her jaundice went up.  So she spent today and yesterday under some lamps sunbathing.  I hate that my kids get the jaundice, but so did I as well as Keith.  Its pretty common, we all look like turnips at some point in our lives, lol.  They are running more bloodwork on her tomorrow, so maybe she will be able to come home tomorrow, or maybe Monday.  Im thinking Monday so I dont get really disappointed.  I cant wait for her to come home though, seeing her in that incubator all alone all day long kills me.  It's quite hard to leave my kid at the hospital all day and night, but I dont really get a choice in the matter.

Anyways, here are some photos I was debating posting, but I know everyone has been itching for more, so I took a few today. 

sunbathing in her super swanky sunglasses

You know you want a pair :)


It's about damn time woman. I have been freaking out. I think I checked about 80 times last night to include 0300 this morning. And I've been checking all day. I even called and when I did not get you I figured you were at the hospital. I started to call your cell but I did not want to interupt you if you were with Rhiannon.

She is such a cutie Jaundice and all. All of mine had jaundice so I'm not freaking. I just hate she is still in the NICU. It brings back memories I don't much care to remember. =/ Don't you hate how babies in the NICU are naked? They don't even get a t-shirt! I always wanted to put a gown on Kira. LOL What's up with Rhiannon's jaw in that last pic???? It looks like it caved in. Oh and her glasses are to die for. =) Hopefully they will let you have them for her keepsake box. I still have the little thing they used to support the IV as well as a preemie diaper. Yeah, I'm silly as all hell. =)

Anyways, kiss that baby for me and give one to Eli too. I hope she comes home tomorrow but I'm with you and going to push for Monday. Tell Keith I said to give you a light hug from me because I REALLY know what you are going through on both the c-section and with Rhiannon still in the hospital. Love ya hun!
Hott glasses! The first pix, the caption should read "What to do...what to do.... think think think" cos she has her hand on her head!


I hated having Libertie in the NICU, but Rhiannon is looking so much better.
Congratulations on another doll! :)
Already she looks just like you!! In those first two pictures she looks like she'd be saying "Oh, my aching head!"

I had jaundice too when I was a baby. I can't remember if my mom had it, but I know my brother didn't. Weird how that happens. She looks so cute in that last picture though, and the caption is perfect.
she's looking good =)
we had a discussion in a child development class about jaundice, how it might actually not be something harmful to a baby...kind of like how getting sick actually builds up your antibodies and makes your immune system struggle, and therefore stronger...but that's the kind of wishwash theory doctors don't like. ;)