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Just a quick update since people are getting concerned, lol.  I am fine, although still in quite a bit of pain.  I still wouldnt wish a C-section on my worst enemies (okay, maybe I would, lol).  Im feeling better everyday and looking forward to the day when I can finally sleep on my stomach and get up and down from sitting without help.  At least I get away with not doing much of anything though, cant complain about that.

Rhiannon is still in NICU.  Her infection went away according to the blood work yesterday, but then her jaundice went up.  So she spent today and yesterday under some lamps sunbathing.  I hate that my kids get the jaundice, but so did I as well as Keith.  Its pretty common, we all look like turnips at some point in our lives, lol.  They are running more bloodwork on her tomorrow, so maybe she will be able to come home tomorrow, or maybe Monday.  Im thinking Monday so I dont get really disappointed.  I cant wait for her to come home though, seeing her in that incubator all alone all day long kills me.  It's quite hard to leave my kid at the hospital all day and night, but I dont really get a choice in the matter.

Anyways, here are some photos I was debating posting, but I know everyone has been itching for more, so I took a few today. 

sunbathing in her super swanky sunglasses

You know you want a pair :)
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