I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
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My dad is HARSH!  He's slapping around the WSU senators like Fin on SVU. 

and if that doesnt facinate you enough, here's his presidental campaign stuff.  (he's Jim West, by the way).  Should make life nice for me if I do wind up at Weber State in the fall. 

In other news, Rhiannon had her 2 week check up today.  She's right at 5lb 15oz, so her weight is still down a wee bit.  In a week, she'll go back in to get checked again.  Everything else is all right though.  She didnt enjoy getting her heel poked, the second she felt the alcohol swab she freaked out.  But other than that, everything is good.

Just getting the show set up for tonight, make room in your busy schedules for me :)
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