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ponytail girl

June 2010

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todays photo session, by request of Amy:



My son is the BIGGEST ham ever.  He's been in "big boy undies" for 2 days now with no accidents.  Huzzah!!



Now shower my kids with compliments, heheh. 


The mommy is far too camera shy. :(
I second that!
If ya looked like I did, you'd be camera shy too. Ella you have no room to talk.
HEHEHE hey if you want a picture of me all you have to do is ask! I'll gladly send you a pic of my @ss! And I mean that in the literal sense of course.

Seriously you need to get some make up on and do your hair and take a pic of you with Rhiannon and Eli. Forget Keith, we want the picture to look good not make us sick! *I love you too Keith!*

I am so getting my @ss kicked in the near future*
Yay Eli! I can't believe how much he has changed since I saw him in June!!! And Rhiannon is a cutie as usual. Thank the heavens she takes after her momma! HEHE
Awwww! Your kids are too cute! I can't get over how little she is! How do you even change her diaper! I'd be scared I would break her! Awww! Exclamation after exclamation! lol. I love their shirts too! Thanks for posting!! ;)
hehehe, I knew you would love this post, it was made with you in mind. And believe it or not, shes not that small. I mean, she is, but Eli was smaller. Not to mention how tiny some of the other babies were in the NICU. She's fragile, but not breakable. Eventually, I'll be able to throw her down the stairs like eli, lol.

they should be cute, theres a reason I dont kill them. :)
oh my GOD that boy looks more like Keith every day! And they are so cute in the big brother/little sister clothes :)
Same shirt you got too, isnt it? And the poor thing, I sometimes wonder if he got ANY of my genes,other than my fug toes. Lets hope Rhiannon looks something like me, other than having my perma-scowl.
yeah, that's the same shirt we got, but we took it back and are getting him something else
I think in the bottom she looks like she's saying "Aw, shucks!"