I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Yikes.  I applied last night to Weber State University.  While its pretty easy to get enrolled, its still a weird feeling knowing I applied for college again.  In a few days I might be a college student.  Crazy.  Ive also been researching houses to rent in the area and an estimate of moving vans.  If I wind up in Utah as planned, I should be there in June.  Its such a weird thing knowing in a few months I will be taking classes.  Im pretty excited, it's about time I start doing something with myself. Communications degree, here I come. I'll be a real radio broadcaster then :)

Rhiannon will be 4 weeks tomorrow.  Who told her she could grow so fast?  She's awake for a good part of the day now, lets me know big time when she's hungry, and holding her head up.  I will work on my birth story today though.  I think I just wanted to get over the intial trauma over it.  Now I could see having another kid eventually, so I know its not as clear in my mind, lol.

Speaking of growing, Elijah slept in his room last night with the light off and the door open.  He hasnt done that ever.  We won't go into what I woke up to this morning, but one step at a time.

Keith had 24 hour CQ last night in the barriacks.  There was mad drama with MPs, drunken debachory, and lots of ... interesting girls.  He doesnt want to ever live in the barracks, but if he does, he will padlock his door shut, lol.  Hes off today and back on 24 tomorrow.  I hate it when he does this because he is a waste of space when hes home.  He just sleeps and drives Eli crazy because he wants to see daddy.  At least it will make for a short week.

Thats really about it for the excitment around here.  Just getting used to dealing with 2 instead of one kidlet.

I miss Ramiah.  She leaves tomorrow :(
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