I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Stupid moving.

When Keith first enlisted, I was still interested in meeting military wives. I started searching out websites for support and people to chat with that understood.  I found cinchouse.com and started going to the chat room all the damn time (I was pregnant and bored, what do you want from me, lol).  Through this, I met Amy and Andrea, and Ramiah.  Ramiah and I got really close.  Close enough that I gave her one of my lj psuedonyms (pryncessbytch hence the Ys in case you wondered, lol).  We shared a few different loves, Sonic, Kurt Vonnegut, and most of all, Sock Monkeys.

We talked for a few months, while she moved from MI to GA.  Keith just happened to be graduating a few hours over from where she was living so we decided to meet up for his graduation.  We went and rocked a Waffle House (which is a classy story about the first time I ever went to a Waffle House and how ghetto they are, but they have the BEST dang food).  We were supposed to be stationed at Ft Bragg NC together, so we were really excited for that time.  I had Eli and told her all the horror stories.  Then she got pregnant with Caleb.  Then the orders came, me to Ft Hood, she to Ft Bliss.

When my sister and I drove through Texas on our way to Utah, we stopped in El Paso to visit with Ramiah and co.  She even let us sleep on the couch both ways through.  Thats a true friend.

Last year Keith and I got a few options of places to live, we chose Bliss mostly for Miah.  She got pregnant and talked me into getting pregnant so we could be together.  Sure enough, we had our oops, and Miah and I were 6 weeks apart.  Our daughters were born 2 weeks apart (although Emily is like 8 times the size of Rhiannon).  She lived like a block away and we still talked more on the internet than anything else.  I swear I can't go a day without yacking with her on the net.  Everytime I see something funny or stupid or gross on the net, I have to send it right to her.

This morning she came by to say good bye on her way home to MI.  They chose to go the  4 year route, so theyre moving back home.  I made a bunch of stupid comments to show that it was just another thing having her leave, but the second she left until right now Ive been crying.  There have been 2 people I have moved away from or had move away from me that did this, Beth and Ramiah.  And it sucks.

Thank god for the stupid internet.  If it wasn't for that, I never would have met Ramiah (or most of my friends) or still remain talking to her.  It was like my only friend here just left.  Im going to mope and clean house now to get over it.

This monkey icon is for you, Miah.  (haha, I act like shes dead or something.)
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