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The birth story, finally.

So after all this drama,  I was just sort of taking it easy.  I was still paying attention to my contractions, which were still pretty painful and coming all the time.  We started timing them and they were coming pretty much every few minutes or so.  So we went back up to the hospital Sunday night.  Luckily, we ate RIGHT BEFORE we came in.

When we showed up, they put me in this interesting room to monitor me.  Thats when I met one of my fav nurses, who sat and chatted with us while we were in there.  And of course, while I was getting timed on the monitors, we watched SVU.  Im really obsessed with that show, folks.  She said I was dialated to about 3-4.  After talking with my OB (who I dont like now, lol), he said to set me up in a room and have me spend the night.  So I got to get a pretty nice room, not as nice as the first one though.  They kept me on the monitor and popped me with an IV.  I didnt sleep.  I never can in hospitals.  Around 5 AM, the doctor came busting into my room, turned on all the lights and yelled good morning!  I dont like him.  He checked me and I was still dialated the same.  The baby was still too high up, so he couldnt break my water without her cord getting tangled.  He decided to induce me.  And I got a mad amount of anti-biodics because I didnt get strep B tested.  And I was still having painful contractions.  He swore I was going to have a baby that night.  Liar.  I dont like him.

Keith and I basically watched Scrubs all day.  Then I got hysterical because I couldnt move and was in pain.  And I was tired.  And hungry.  They wouldnt let me eat and I couldnt sleep.  Everyone kept saying I was going to pop any minute.  THEY ALL LIED!  lol.  Around 8, I decided to get an epidural.  They booted Keith out of the room for it, which is still weird to me.  It hurt more than the last time, but I was just so tired.  The nurse from the night before came back and checked me and I was dialated at 4.  So she called the doctor because I was starving to death.  He said I had a choice - a C-section, to continue with the pitocin and see where I was sitting at midnight, or to get off the pitocin, eat, and then turn it back on at midnight and check me out in the morning.  I opted for the last.  They had to turn off my epidural but I didnt even care, lol.  So keith ran out to get me Quiznos (because they got a pepper bar).  About 15 minutes later, he calls me.

Sometime between the time he cleared out the car around 11 the night before and 11 that night, someone had broken into the Gand Am.  They broke the driver's window and took the stereo and all his CDs.  So no Quiznos for me.  He had to call security out there and had the police and everything.  I called the nurse and she brought us some leftovers from the kitchen, like some sandwiches and fruit.  They saw the guy on camera, but they couldnt identify him.  All of this in the hospital parking lot no less.  And it sat there an entire Monday and no one reported it.  Im ticked about that still.

Keith talked the nurse into giving me an ambien so I could sleep because I was just so tired.  So when they turned the pitocin and epidural back on, I passed out.  Then the doctor busted in at 5 AM in his usual style.  I was sitting at 6 cm then.  He said due to her still being too high, he still couldnt break my water and then infomed me that my pelvis was too small to pass more than a 5lb baby (then why in the heck do I have these huge hips?  I hate him).  I was due for an emergency C-section.  Now I dont know if it was a reflex, the leftover ambien, or what, but I only remember bits and pieces of the next couple hours.  They cranked the epidural up big time.  Then I signed a ton of paper work and I remember joking with Keith that it all basically said "YOU WILL DIE SIGN ME PLZ".  Then the nurse warned me of the only thing I remember about the c-section, "you will feel like someone is jumping on your chest, because they will be".  Then they moved me out of the nice birthing bed into another bed.  Then out of that thing into another bed in the surgery room.  I was terrified that my epidural was going to move and I was going to be paralyzed.  They put my arms out at the sides and put a sheet up so I couldnt see anything.  They finally let Keith in to hold my hand.  He watched the whole thing.  I remember them asking if it hurt and I said no and next thing I know, someone IS jumping on my chest I guess to pull the baby out.  Keith said the doctor was awesome and worked so fast.  He said it was the best medical work he had ever seen.  (So the guy had medical skillz, just no people skillz).  I think they held Rhiannon up to my face, but I was out of it.  I do remember seeing them clean her up and I found out her APGAR was 8 and 9.  I was then informed that my placenta had started to pull away which was probably part of the reason I went into early labor.

I got into a recovery room.  They brought me some ice which was fantastic because I was feeling nauseus.  Keith started waking everyone up and telling them "OMG WE HAVE EBEBEBE!!!!11".  I think I may have talked to someone in that room, but I dont remember.  Finally they had watched me enough, I got to go to the recovery wing.  I did make some calls there, I remember talking to my parents and Andrea.  Some other people said I called them, Im sure I did, I dont remember, lol.  They wheeled Rhiannon in eventually and I was really happy.  I had a bunch of flowers delivered, from Grimmy, Beth, and my sister.  Keith got me some too, and a stuffed cat.  Ramiah and Amy came to visit me and brought me a cute outfit for Rhiannon because we wanted the girls in matching outfits, but Rhiannon never fit into hers, lol.  They told me Rhiannon was not going to need NICU.  Liars.

The next few days are a blur.  I was on a liquid diet and they gave me so many pills.  I was so itchy due to the epidural.  The nurse gave me benedryl, but it had to go in my IV and I didnt have any place to put it that made it come in gradual and it burned so we didnt do that again.  They wouldnt let me shower until I had my cathater taken out, which they kept saying they would do and would forget about me.  Finally, Tuesday they got it out and let me get up.  That shower was the best ever.  Loved it. 

Then they took Anna away saying she had a high white blood count, so an infection.  I couldnt see her because I couldnt walk.  Then they told me since she wasnt there, I couldnt stay on the recovery floor and moved me to Womens Surgery.  They placed me here and promptly forgot about me.  Keith had to be home with Eli because we didnt have anyone to watch him.  So I was in a room by myself for 3 days.  Only good thing was I had a nurse who looked just like Ice-T and was sarcastic and cracked me up.  Eventually, I was able to gimp down to the elevator and go to see Rhiannon.  Unfortunately because I couldnt get there very often, I couldnt nurse her often and they gave her formula. 

The doc came in for about 5 minutes every morning around 5 AM.  I woke up everytime right before he came in.  I beat him to it.  By the last night, I slept.  Broken sleep due to nurses coming in and out, but I did sleep.

Then the step of things that they said would "tickle" taking out my staples.  They gave me T3, which didnt work at all.  They they tugged these metal pieces of doom out of me.  It hurt like crazy.  They had to call in another nurse to get them out because they wouldnt budge.  When they were out, I ran to get dressed and leave ASAP, lol.

The poor baby was stuck in NICU for jaundice then.  I couldnt get up to see her more than like an hour a day for the time.  I couldnt feed her and Keith made me feel like I was chosing between kids when we went up there.  We pretty much didnt have a babysitter for Eli through the whole thing, so it was really really hard for us.  She was able to finally come home on Monday and we havent had any nursing issues, so I am super happy about that.  I dont want to buy expensive ass formula or wash a single bottle, lol.  I swear, I thought I was going to have a horrible time feeding her, but its been okay.

4 weeks later and it seems everything has worked out.  I still cant drive for another 2 weeks and I didnt go see the doctor again after that.  I didnt like him at all.  My mom said he was pretty much full of crap anyways and gave me the c-section to get rid of me.  I was only slightly anxious when I relived that whole c-section procedure to write it out, but its not as clear in my head now.  I certainly dont want another c-section, but I think I could have another kid some day (way down the road, kthanx). 

Stupid morning - my sister and mom are on their way to Hawaii, I should be with them.  And Eli got a bead stuck in his nose.  I need a nap already.  lol
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