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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Im going to see babyinga and co for Easter!  IM SO EXCITED!  I love mah Ella like a fat kid loves cake.  Shes got like a billion things for Rhiannon, so I am totally excited for that. 

And here are some photos since there are certain lj friends bugging me for them.  :)  Since Rhiannon will be a month old tomorrow, I think I may finally get some bath photos and maybe some comparison photos so you can see how tiny she still is.  My due date would have been Sunday.  My silly kids, they never stay put, lol.  Anyways, there are some funny photos of my cam-ham son, so enjoy.

She's still a bit orangish.  Wish the jaundice would go away.

Look, mom, get that camera out of my face before I get pissed.

TOO LATE!  (her natural state lately, lol)


Sup, ladies?  (this is him in his normal "Im cute, kthxbye" face)

He's so stinking proud of his big boy undies.  Its the first thing he bugs me for in the morning.


OMG! She is so tiny and precious. Awww. I luv her already. ;) I want to hold her!

That 2nd picture of Eli kills me! He's already got the look!

So not fair that you get to spend Easter with Ella! Do you know how good that food is going to be/!?!?! #@%)(*#%*#%!!! Give her lots of hugs for me. I miss them!
silly baby is still supposed to be baking, lol.

And he is SO bad, Im in trouble when he gets older. Hes such a brat :)

And nyah nyah! You got to see her way back when and you've met Niki and I havent. SO its my turn! Dont worry, we'll take pics for you. :) We'll miss you though!
I wish we could all get together. That would be nice. You, Ella, and Niki would be out of control and I could just sit back and laugh at you all while eating Ella's food. :P