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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Leaving for miss babyinga's this morning.  Going to drive up to Albeturkey so she can teach our heathen asses how to celebrate Easter, lol.  Just got to get a few things together and wait for Keith to get home from getting gas and gettin' me some BK Joe (best fast food coffee ever).  Hope everyone has a great "hoppy" easter.  My kids will be getting a visit from E. Bunny just like mah sisters and I did as a kid.  Our easter bunny was so pimp he signed his name with just an E.  lol

Be back Monday :)


OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!!! That is the best cartoon EVER!

I can't believe you are really coming. I literally cried when you told me you weren't going to be able to come. =/

As for me teaching you how to celebrate Easter. HAHA If this was SC I could show you a real Southern Easter. Of course I will do the best I can being in NM. =)

Drive safe and HURRY UP!
I agree! Best egg cartoon ever!!!!

I have no kids yet, so Robert and I are going to his parent's house in oh, 6 hours to hide eggs. They loved it the first year and were bummed when we didn't do it last year. But hide the eggs I MUST! If my cats could find eggs (and care), then I would hide them here.

Have fun! You deserve it!!!