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I'm just a boring example of everybody else


As promised to a chunk of folks, here's some of babyinga and my wild Easter weekend. har har. Actually, she slacked off on cooking us dinner last night so we didnt dye eggs until today and drug me out at midnight to buy baskets for the kids. The baskets were so cute though, we were both really proud of them. It's been a nice weekend though, Ive been having a great time. So without further ado, here are some photos to embaress Ella (nah, those will come later)

Eli and his basket

More with his basket, checking out his sponge bob chocolate egg.

Eli digging in his basket, mah fat butt (actually, those PJs are huge - my mom bought them massive so I could wear them while pregnant. See, mom, I wear those PJs all the time!) and bad dye job, Kira in her basket, and Ellas totally dirty kitchen. :)

Eli's little suit he wore today. I dont know why it turned out so funky, it was weblogimages that did it when I rotated the photo.

Hamming it up with the new outfit Ella bought him for Easter

Auntie Ella snuggling Rhiannon in her adorable pink dress (she finally sort of fits into it, she swam in it coming home from the hospital)

More baby



More photos to come, Ella just had a few uploaded right now, so I had to post them. :) Hope you enjoyed.
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