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ponytail girl

June 2010

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Oh snap!

Im home in case you noticed I was gone.  I was abducted by Ella and not allowed to come home until this coming weekend.  Luckily, I managed to escape with the excuse that I had appts this week, and she believed me.  Otherwise I dont think I would have ever escaped.  Her son kept asking her when I was moving in, lol.

Actually, I did have 2 appointments this week.  Rhiannon went in for a small checkup this morning, just a weight check.  She's sitting at 6lb 15 oz now, so she's up 13 oz from her birth weight.  She's also smiling and holding her head up now.  Who told her she could get so big already?  Then Eli's therapy, since I actually forgot about it last week.  Keith's in the field again this week.  It sucks because his bday is this Wed. and he will be trapped.  I've also got to get some paperwork out for school and have to turn in my FAFSA forms.  I am a college kid, but I still can't register for classes.  Im pretty unhappy too because I have to order my SAT results from like 8 years ago for a ridiculous amount of money.  Eh, such is life.

I guess we have decided to trade in the Gand Am sometime in the next month.  We probably wont get much on trade in, but after our "4 hour" drive, we realized just how small the grand am is for us now  with 2 kids.  So we're thinking SUV (even though I hate them) since Im moving into snow.  This will be my car this time around, we will just save up to get Keith a Lemon when he gets back.  It would be nice to get something that tows so we can put a small Uhaul on the back of it to tow some of my crap in this house.  We're trying to save money, although buying a car wont do that.  But we're already making the payment, so that's whats up with that.

My house is a serious disaster area.  I dont think I have ever seen it so bad.  I've been cleaning all morning while Ive been home.  Of course, it doesnt help that ella sent me home with TONS O' stuff.  We've decided we're spring cleaning this weekend because it looks like a bomb went off in here.  Juggling two kids alone and cleaning is sooo much fun, lemme tell you.

Ella made me addicted to QVC and House.  Damn Her.  Oh and I love Rugby now too.  lol

Back to work.  More to come later.


Hahhahaa. I stay away from any shopping networks. I have enough problems with online shopping.

Where are the pictures?
Still nice that you had a vacation!

Heh...it's funny that you mention the SAT scores. Mine don't even count at HCC! After 3 years, they're null and void and you have to take a placement exam instead. I told my sister that little gem of a fact AND that it's legal to drop out once you turn 16 (and get your GED). My mom didn't like that very much. My sister is too much of a socialite to drop out of highschool anyway.

Also, I hate SUV's too, but that's only because people buy them to drive around in Florida (no hills, forestry, snow, or terrain besides the grassy holes in the pavement); they use it as more of a status symbol. At least you'll be using it in the snow! There is no snow here! OR any damn hills! At least you'll be using one for the purpose that SUV's are around for.

And yes, QVC is addicting. I've already seen previews of my newest addiction (that I haven't even seen yet)...Big Love.