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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

So everytime I try and sign up for those package pal things I get screwed. I want someone to send me a package and i want to send one back. so this is my idea..

Any of my friends want to send me a package with fun stuff in it? I'll give ya some ideas even though I know most of you are cooler than I am. Anyone who wants to do this, I will do it!! I know you guys want to!! Hhaha

ok, lemme know if you're interested.


I would love to do that! We could have a good time with it. I just have to figure out ow to mail things lol. We could try for after the holidays?


Yeah, espec cuz i have to buy your ass a bday gift the day after my sister's bday. Ya'll are trying to kill me. I am not even asking for anything expensive. Just something incredibly cheesy. Ok, Tina just got an idea. Shoot for after Xmas when everything is cheaper. Like during Jan before Feb (my bday is in Feb). Just remember it may take me a while if we wait that long since I will have a newborn. But this could be awesome. *excited*

Everyone is guarenteed a "eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may be in Utah" shot glass from me. Hahahah. :)
I will do it too, but thats going to have to wait until after Christmas! We have like 0.00 in the bank. haha. Military pay = sucks my ass. ;)


You get paid more than I do you rich bitch heeehee. I neglect to remember that everyone is broke at Xmas time. Im such a nut i lvoe to buy things for people at all times. :)
Yeah. I love buying stuff for people all the time too. It's just you got to have $$ to buy these things. lol.
Count me in and definitely after Christmas. I have 3 kids to buy for! LMAO Maybe we should put a limit on what we spend as well? Just a thought. :o)


Sounds good to me. I know how expensive brats will be. And like I said, the cheaper the better. Im not expecting anything from like a designer store or anything, just like stuff from your state and funny things you think I would like. I just think my friends would know me better than someone I just met online.

Intellegence would have had me mentioning this AFTER Xmas, but I am quite the moron. :)
Your far from a moron. Your pregnant! LMAO I forgot the simplest things when I was pregnant. This whole idea is so cool I can hardly wait for Christmas to pass. We all need to make a post sometime around then about things we like and like to do. It would make it easier to pick out stuff for the other person. :o) And I promise no name brand stuff for you! Tee Hee J/K of course!