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dang it all...

Hi my name's Tina and I screwed up my entire life by one stupid semester in college.

Quick background in case you don't know: I immediately went to college right after High School.  University of Utah.  I went a wee insane (haha) there due to the over abundance of freedom and independence.  I dropped out, but not after loans, spending lots of "money", and messing up my classes.  I only took 4, but I didnt do so hot.  I was on scholarship for marching band so I took that, Drama (I think I got a B), basic english (I think a C) and I bombed out College math because I didnt take my final.  I don't have any idea because I just left - I didnt know there was a procedure.  I finally paid off my student loans and wahtnot, so I figured I would be in the clear.

Fastforward 6 years, 2 kids and a marriage, 9 moves, and a lot of drama later, I got the wonderful idea that i need to get back into school...

So I enroll at Weber State.  I get all the forms in and I become a non-degree seeking student until I get my transcripts.  So I send Keith out to fax them, hoping all will come through with flying colors.  I don't care about my transcripts at the U, I wish they would just go away, but I am legally obligated to report that I went there.  So Im working out my past mistakes with a tiny bit more wisdom.

I get an email yesterday - there is a hold on my records at the U through Housing and through the Music dept.  All right, Im sure the music is them taking back my 500 buck scholarship due to me not maintaining a GPA and dropping out.  Fine, fine.  I deserve that.  I will know when I get a phone call back.  The housing?  Do I remember paying for my dorm?  No...  all right, I guess thats it.  I'll just call and try to get my hold removed and get my records anyways to the W.  Im just hoping it's not more than 4-5 thousand seeing as thats what the dorms run a semester.

And man, oh man, did Keith and I get into it over all this last night.  Not the money, just that the U hasn't informed me of any of this at any point in the past 6 years. 

So call after call after call, I think 10 in all, I finally get to the bottom of the Housing issue.  I don't know what exactly it is, but I owe 800 bucks.  They do take payments, but they won't release my records until things are paid in full.  yay.  The good thing is, I guess it was reporting that I had 2 accounts I owed, but the school just wiped one of them clean.  They just couldn't catch up with me since we move like every year or so.  Anyways...

so after a phone call to Weber State, they will let me in as an official non-degree seeking student for one semester.  They won't enroll me as a regular student until they get the transcripts.  I also will not qualify for any scholarships, financial aid, or grants until I actually am a "real student".  I just have a couple of months to get this all taken care of.  I guess that's not so bad, I will maybe take 2 or 3 slack off classes so I can get readjusted and stick myself on a payment plan.  I could do it, I just wish it was the real thing this first semester.  I just have to talk to Keith about it.

I mean, hell, it's not like we're getting any money anyways.  Our FAFSA was a joke and a half, saying keith needs to pay for all my schooling.  I was just crossing my fingers and hoping that I'd get some scholarships or something.

So what did I learn other than Im a dumbass?  Always pay attention to where your money is going in school and don't be retarded like I was.  It's biting me in the ass big time.  Just a small hurdle though, Im still moving and I will still enroll soon as I can.  :)
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